Krav Maga Fundamentals

What to expect
  • Discover a powerful self-defense style that fuses elements from several martial arts
  • Develop powerful attacks, fast reaction time, and strategic combat thinking
  • Get a great workout that will help you develop muscle tone and body awareness
  • Experience the confidence boost that comes from martial arts training
Ever wondered where the "mix" in mixed martial arts comes from?

This Krav Maga class will show you firsthand!

During this fundamentals class, you'll gain a grasp on the essential elements of Krav Maga, which are pulled from muay thai, jiu-jitsu, boxing, and wrestling. You'll build technique, speed, and power all at the same time by working heavily on situational drills that reflect potential real-life situations.

You'll also enjoy learning in an energetic, supportive studio that merges fitness and martial arts training into one effective workout.

And because this style was designed for effective combat, you're guaranteed to look cool while pummeling your opponents!

Note: This is a free trial class for first time students only.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 45 min
# Sessions 1
This is a free trial class for first time attendees only. As a courtesy to fellow participants, please provide at least 24 hour cancellation notice.

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