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    Tai Chi

    Tandang Garimot Martial Arts
    How does a relaxed body and mind sound? Haven't felt that peaceful in a while, right? Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice designed to create a sense of oneness and relaxation. Meditation in motion, this practice increases energy and improves circulation through gentle, flowing movement, focused on balancing your cardiovascular and immune system. Through this art, you'll prevent body strain and revitalize your energy, while exercising your heart, mind, body, and soul. Tai Chi has too many benefits to count... so take a class and relax!
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    Filipino Martial Arts

    Tandang Garimot Martial Arts
    Ever hear of the "Death Dance?" Hint: it's much more complex than touchdown choreography. In actuality, it is a type of Filipino Kickboxing. Needless to say, this stand-up combat breathes survival. Take this streamlined class to add kickboxing, cardio and weapons to your own little death dance. At Tandang Garimot Martial Arts, you'll learn the importance of proper footwork and fight tactics to punch and kick your way to a healthier and safer life. You will also discover how to infuse the physical intensity of a traditional kickboxing workout with technical weapons training and cardio to attack, endure, and survive. Hopefully, you won't need to bust out your death dance anytime soon -- but you will be ready just in case!
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