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    Zombie Survival Class

    Alright. So, here’s the thing. You’re in your house. You look out the window. Oh My God. Yeah, I know. Zombies. They’re like… everywhere. What do you do? Absolutely nothing except put on some old VHS tapes and pop open a can of beans, 'cause you took this class and ain’t worried 'bout nothin'. You’ve learned the necessary survival strategies, and mastered the go-to moves of securing water and food preparation. Why? Wait, how? Because of what you learned here with The Green Suite. Perfect for both zombie lovers and survivalists alike, learn how to defend yourself, improvise weaponry, and fight off flesh-eating zombies. Long live the human race!
    Zombie Survival Class

    4000 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

    • Learn about water and food preparation, along with survival strategies in case of a zombie pandemic
    • Uncover how to improvise weaponry
    • Explore the necessary steps to take when the outbreak occurs
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