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    Pizza Night Workshop

    What could be better than a fresh pizza pie? Perhaps one that was proudly made by your own hands. At Cook LA, you can master the art of your favorite pie through the guidance of a professional instructor. Dough, sauces, toppings -- including mushrooms, onions, olives, pepperoni, peppers -- and even dessert pizza (Nutella dessert pizza with slivered almonds) will be on the menu as you learn the art of using your ingredients to make a delicious dinner the whole family can enjoy. You'll head home believing you're the next master chef or, at the very least, that you won't have to be on a first name basis with the delivery guy anymore. All levels of experience are welcome to attend.
    Pizza Night Workshop

    10938 Ventura Blvd, Studio City

    • Put the takeout menus away and learn to make your own perfect pizza
    • Experience how to master all necessary ingredients, from dough to toppings
    • Enjoy a great activity for friends and family with gourmet pizza grilled or baked
    • Taste nutella dessert pizza with slivered almonds
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