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    Basic Airbrush Makeup

    How would you rate your airbrush makeup skills? Above average? Below? This one day airbrush makeup class improves upon your everyday makeup techniques, and focuses on the fundamentals of airbrush makeup. This hands-on experience with professional equipment and instructors will help you create a flawless foundation using airbrush makeup for HD, Film, and TV. Interested in bridal airbrush makeup, tattoo cover-up, and airbrush tanning? This unique blend will deliver a flawless application for any occasion. Take your makeup process to the next level!
    Basic Airbrush Makeup

    1441 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

    • Learn the techniques for creating flawless airbrush foundations
    • Explore airbrush basics including equipment, products, and application knowledge
    • Receive access to professional instructors with real-world beauty makeup experience
    • Discover new business opportunities within the industry
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    Leather Work 101

    What do you have in common with cowboys, bikers, and rock stars? You all have an affinity for leather! In this introduction to leather work class, you will choose from 4-6 projects along with a variety of leathers and hardware. You'll be able to modify and create your own patterns as well. This is a fun, easy class that gives you a chance to make a few things out of leather, such as a cuff, a clutch or a wallet. You can give them away as gifts or just add them to your impressive, ever-growing collection of leather accessories.
    Leather Work 101

    3717 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago

    • Learn how to work with different types of leather and hardware
    • Create leather cuffs, clutches, or a wallet that you can use or give as a gift
    • Practice working with various design features such as snaps, rivets, and eyelets
    • No experience necessary
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    Leather Surface Design

    In need of some new material? Working on leather surfaces provides artisans with a myriad of imaginative possibilities. For example, you can use it as a canvas substitute for printing, image transfer, and painting. You can dye and create textures on it, or even mold it into sculptural art. During this class, you will learn the many techniques of plying leather to conform to your vision, including cutting, splitting, distressing, stamping, dying and burning. This is a hands-on sample making class, so you'll be receiving practical experience under the guidance of a veteran leatherworker. Don't hide your creative side in this class; let it shine!
    Leather Surface Design

    1205 Crain St,, Evanston

    • Learn the fundamentals of using leather as an artistic medium
    • Discover the techniques that will help you work leather to match your creative vision
    • Receive hand-on experience under the guidance of a professional
    • Satisfy your creative side by learning a new skillset
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    Stained Glass Workshop

    Like the creators of Notre Dame Cathedral or Holy Name Cathedral, you too, can create awe-inspiring stained glass art like the professionals. During this beginner class at Discovery Center, you'll learn how to cut and break glass as you create your own project using the copper foil method. Dealing with a certain type and quality of glass, appropriate tools, cutting techniques, and assembling, you will work to complete a stained glass project of your own. Spice up your skills, and possibly your home, with your newly created chunk of stained glass. Didn't think your home could look as fancy as the cathedrals, did you?
    Stained Glass Workshop

    4318 N Elston Ave, Chicago

    • Discover the foundations of creating stained glass
    • Learn how to cut and break glass using the copper foil method
    • Utilize various types of tools, cutting techniques, and assembling for your glass
    • Produce your own piece of stained glass to take home
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    4 positive reviews
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    Electronics and Soldering Workshop

    If something electronic breaks in your house, who ya gonna call? NO ONE, because you've already learned how to fix it for yourself! Gain electrical independence and learn to make your own repairs, whether it's a computer, building pedals for a live music event or just stuff around the house that needs fixing. This class is perfect for those without prior knowledge of soldering and electronic components. Not only will you learn specific knowledge concerning the individual components involved in building a circuit, like resistors, capacitors, and diodes, but you will also learn how to properly solder these components together. In addition, you will learn various techniques and helpful tips as you construct your very own LED blinker kit!
    Electronics and Soldering Workshop

    3226 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago

    • Learn specific knowledge concerning the individual components involved in building a circuit
    • Gain hands on experience soldering different parts of a circuit together and make your own LED blinker kit
    • Feel confident repairing electrical devices around your home after an electronics workshop
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