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    Fused Glass Pendant

    You're crafty and you have always had a flair for fashion so why not combine the two? Learn how to create your very own unique glass pendants in this fun class! You will learn how to manipulate the rope, wire, glass and paints to create beautiful pieces of jewellery from a knowledgeable, supportive instructor. By the end of the class, you'll take home some incredible pendants as well as the skills to continue making more! What are you waiting for? Start personalizing your pendants today!
    Fused Glass Pendant

    926 Warren Ave, New York

    • Learn how to make your own unique glass pendants
    • Practice with a knowledgeable instructor who will show you all the tricks of the trade
    • Craft beautiful pieces of jewelry that make perfect gifts for friends and family
    • Enjoy an afternoon of fun and creativity with Gallery's Choice
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    Metalwork and Welding

    You're a do-it-yourself kind of person. You frequently find yourself asking "why buy it, when you can build it?" That's why picking up a new skill is right up your alley -- but woodworking is played out. Welding is where it's at now. At Arc Academy, you'll learn the fundamentals of metalwork and welding from an experienced, friendly instructor. The studio creates a fun environment that's perfect for crafting something unique. Safety is a top priority, so there's no need to worry about your fingers! Become the jack-of-all-trades you know you can be -- learn to the weld!
    Metalwork and Welding

    2223 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

    • Learn to weld metal with an experienced and friendly instructor
    • Feel comfortable with the equipment in a safety-first environment
    • Create something with your hands that you can take home
    • Get a new skill that's incredibly useful and extremely fun
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    Soy Candle Making

    This workshop makes scents. If you love aromatic candles, but don't like spending top-dollar on the best brands, you'll enjoying learning to make your own soy-based candles. Soy candles are inexpensive and fun to make, and tend to burn longer than paraffin candles. Plus, you can scent them just the way you like them, and they make great gifts for friends and family, or even fantastic products to sell yourself. The ingredients used in this class are all-natural, and American made, and because they're soy-based, you'll be producing a product that isn't derived from refined oil, doesn't cause headaches, and leaves little soot behind. Soy whatcha waitin' for?
    Soy Candle Making

    1907 S Halsted St, New York

    • Learn to make soy-based candles that burn long and deliver soothing scents
    • Work with a natural material that is clean, safe, and inexpensive
    • Take home a handmade 16 oz. candle to enjoy
    • Discover a new hobby that you can use to make handmade gifts or sellable products
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