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    Terrarium Workshop Date Night (Astoria)

    If you're looking for an intimate, creative date night with your partner, look no further than Luludi Living Art. During this terrarium class, you'll spend an hour with a glass of wine, snacks, music, and an exciting DIY project. You and your special someone will share design ideas to create a one-of-a-kind terrarium for your shared pleasure. Your knowledgeable instructor will provide you with advice and guidance along the way, ensuring that your final product will be worthy of display in your home. With an array of containers, plants, and materials to choose from, you can let your love for arts and crafts, and each other, run wild!
    Terrarium Workshop Date Night (Astoria)

    2307 24th Ave, Astoria

    • Make a beautiful terrarium piece, personalized by you and your special someone, in a relaxing, romantic setting
    • Embrace your creativity in an hour-long feel-good DIY class, lead by a knowledgeable instructor
    • Enjoy complimentary snacks and wine to make your night even more special
    • Ditch the local diner and indulge in a one-of-a-kind date night
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    Tumbler Glasses

    Looking for a new creative outlet? Here's a hot one for you. Work under the guidance of an experienced artisan in a professional glassblowing studio. Over the course of a full day of learning, master the basics and learn to apply colors and patterns to give your creations a true one-of-a-kind feel. Your project: a set of distinctive glass tumblers and a highball that are yours to keep. That way, after you're done learning, you can toast your new skills in style!
    Tumbler Glasses

    142 13th St, Brooklyn

    • Pick up the basics of glassblowing during an introductory class
    • Work to make a set of tumblers and a highball glass
    • Learn to make patterns and color your projects
    • Master an innovative, creative outlet
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    Origami (Park Slope)

    Sometimes paper has more to say than the words that might be written on it. Explore the world of expression with the paper-folding art of origami. While normally associated with the Japanese, folding paper to produce art has origins in numerous Eastern and Western cultures, which together form the modern day version of origami. This class will teach you focus and care as you turn your mind to work on simple scrap of paper. You'll be taught to form delicate and beautiful single-piece sculptures that will make stunning home decorations or thoughtful handmade gifts. By classes end, you'll have the knowledge to create several beautiful pieces on your own, and the foundation for a lifetime of paper-folding relaxation. Who knew paperwork could be so much fun?
    Origami (Park Slope)

    95 Seventh Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn the fundamentals of paper folding during this introductory art class
    • Turn ordinary paper into delicate sculptures that will delight and awe
    • Leave class with several origami pieces to keep or gift
    • Discover a new hobby with which to relax and indulge your creative side
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