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    Pottery Sip & Spin

    Drinking wine is therapeutic, making art is therapeutic -- why not combine them for an extra relaxing Friday night? During this Sip & Spin class, you'll learn the basic techniques of the potter's wheel. Throw your own cup, bowl, saucer, or whatever your heart desires! Who knows? Maybe the alcohol in your system will inspire your creativity to spin a ceramic masterpiece! Once your piece gets glazed and fired up, you'll be able to bring it home to display proudly for your friends and family.
    Pottery Sip & Spin

    238 Grand St, Brooklyn

    • Learn the basic techniques of the potter's wheel through hands-on experience
    • Throw your own ceramic masterpiece, such as a cup or bowl
    • Enjoy wine or beer while you indulge in the arts
    • Take home your unique piece once it's been glazed and fired up
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    Terrarium Workshop (Astoria)

    Break your weekly mundane routine with a therapeutic Tuesday night at Luludi Living Art! In this class, you'll have the opportunity to create your own delicate terrarium piece. Choose your container, plants, and other materials for your very own, personalized product. Your knowledgeable instructor will guide you along the way, ensuring that your final product will be worthy of display in your home or as a gift to a loved one. You'll work alongside a small group of like minded students and enjoy conversation as you marvel at each other's creations. Every one of you will feel the stress melt away--and realize that you really can have fun on a Tuesday night.
    Terrarium Workshop (Astoria)

    23-07 24th Ave, Astoria

    • Embrace your creativity in an hour-long feel-good DIY class, led by a knowledgeable instructor
    • Make delicate, ornamental terrariums to decorate your home or gift to a loved one
    • Enjoy conversation with like minded students in a private, comfortable environment
    • Add your own flair to your project by choosing your container, plants, and material
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    Succulent Terrarium Workshop

    Explore the exquisite world of terrariums! Build your own miniscape of greenery with hands-on instruction throughout this compelling workshop. Learn insider tips and tricks that founders of Twig discovered while building dozens of different kinds of terrariums. Each creation is encouraged to be a mini snapshot of your life or passions, so each container is personalized according to your personality and preferences. You can even include miniature animals or people that are close to you. Get your hands a little dirty and construct your own green world!
    Succulent Terrarium Workshop

    642 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn how to create and build your very own succulent terrarium
    • Experiment with different techniques and tricks like moss and little people placement
    • Take home your personalized mini-world
    • No experience necessary
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    Glassblowing Lesson for Two

    Looking for something fun and different to do with your best friend or significant other? Learn the ancient art of glassblowing in this private lesson for two. During this two hour class you will explore a wide range of the glass forming techniques, from basic glass forming skills to Venetian cane. Color applications, cold working, and other processes such as casting will be studied as well. Try something different from your everyday activities and express your artistic talents!
    Glassblowing Lesson for Two

    499 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

    • Private lesson for two
    • Cover a number of glassblowing techniques starting from the basics
    • Learn about color applications, cold working, castling, and more
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    Introduction to Metal Fabrication

    Did a light just turn on inside your head? Well, now you can turn one on above your head, too. Learn how to build a lamp in Introduction to Metal Fabrication. This course brings together the practical skills of metal grinding and soldering to create a functional, contemporary furniture. You'll learn the qualities of copper as well as how to bend, form, and mold the metal into something amazing. Before long, you'll start to understand how things are created, why they work the way they do, and how you can do the same the next time a light bulb goes off in -- or above -- your own noggin.
    Introduction to Metal Fabrication

    117B 11th St, Brooklyn

    • Create a stand-alone piece of furniture from copper tubing, your bare hands, and a little know-how
    • Learn how to use a grinder, solder, and buffing wheel and how to assemble furniture that goes home with you
    • Combine grit and elbow grease to create something gorgeous to put in your home -- they make great gifts, too!
    • Learn how to bend, form, and mold metal into amazing shapes, and use this skill set for future projects
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    Shoe Pattern Making

    Some things never change! Though shoemaking has become digitized in many respects due to the use of programs like CAD for shoe structure creation, Pattern Making stubbornly remains a physical art. Come down to Brooklyn Shoe Space for a primer on pattern design, in which you'll measure and cut entirely by hand to create the exterior of your perfect pair of shoes. This 3 hour class will teach you all of the pattern-making basics. Start by learning how to select colors and patterns that work well together. Then, learn how to measure, cut, and finally -- how to sew! During your first class you'll work on upper patterns; during the second class, you'll finish the lining and work on the sole pattern. So let's get to work, old soul!
    Shoe Pattern Making

    224 Roebling St, Brooklyn

    • Learn how to make shoes patterns with assistance from an expert designer
    • Practice pattern and color selection, then learn how to measure, cut, and sew!
    • Finish most of an upper pattern in your first class, then complete the upper and the lining and sole in your second class
    • Get started on your journey to become a famous footwear designer
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