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    Bonsai Class

    In this class, you will learn how to make Bonsai, the ancient Japanese art form of miniature trees in containers. This is why Bonsai can be a figurative mirror image of the grower. With an open heart and mind, you can start your own journey of personal growth through the art of bonsai taught by Bonsai Master Julian Velasco. Learn the artistic, philosophical, horticultural, and technical process of designing, planting, and maintaining your very own bonsai. You will develop and take home a sub-tropical bonsai, perfect for your indoor apartment growing! With your teacher's guidance and supervision, you will learn how to prune, shape and maintain bonsai. Bonsai tools will be available for use during the class.
    Bonsai Class

    91 East 3rd Street, New York

    • Learn Bonsai, the Japanese art of growing and training miniature trees in pots
    • Enjoy an art form that will help you connect to nature
    • Strengthen your spirit through this process
    • Embrace an art form beloved by some of the world's greatest artists
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    Private Glassblowing

    You can create your own glass masterpiece in this fun class! A talented instructor will guide you through the basics of glassblowing and make sure you understand the proper techniques. Learn about the Venetian cane technique, color applications, cold working and other methods that help transform a blob of molten glass into a work of art. The class includes demonstrations from the instructor, so you will see how to work the glass before the hands-on section. Discover how to create your own glass art, and you can fill your home with beautiful decorative pieces.
    Private Glassblowing

    499 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

    • Learn glassblowing in a fun class with expert teachers
    • Discover the basic techniques to make beautiful glass art
    • Create a glass masterpiece during class to take home
    • Watch your instructor's amazing glass demonstrations
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