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    Lace Up Lap Dance

    Looking to spice up your workout routine? Lace Up Lap Dance is a lap dancing class that's so much fun you won't even realize you're burning the calories off at a record pace. Lace Up Lap dance is the best sensual abdominal workout you can find. It's sexy. It's fun. It's liberating and best of all, you're going to love it. Perfect the art of seduction with slow, sensual choreography that builds anticipation and desire while giving your abs an incredible workout. As you can see, this isn't your mother's workout routine.
    Lace Up Lap Dance

    1843 W Chicago Ave , ​Chicago

    • Learn the basics of lap dancing as you get a great workout
    • Practice slow, sensual and tantalizing choreography
    • Receive encouragement from a friendly instructor in a safe and supportive environment
    • Have a great time while getting ripped abs
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    Stretching & Contortion

    You'll love this class so much you'll bend over backwards for it -- literally! Here, you will focus on a sequence of stretches that will help you safely improve your flexibility as you improve your splits and back movements, and learn contortion techniques which are essential components of pole and aerial fitness. You'll be having so much fun, you won't even feel your muscles growing stronger and your waist growing smaller. As you gain strength, you will be able to attain a full range of motion to perform those hyper-flexible dance moves and tricks you've only ever dreamed of performing. The only issue now is, who's your lucky audience going to be?
    Stretching & Contortion

    2539 W North Ave, Chicago

    • Focus on a sequence of stretches that will help you safely improve your flexibility
    • Improve your splits and back movements, and learn contortion techniques essential to pole and aerial fitness
    • Have fun while improving your overall fitness, toning muscles, burning fat, and building core strength
    • No experience necessary
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    Intro to Pole

    Tired of traveling on the straight and narrow path? Give your life a 360-degree spin with a pole dance class! Pole dance, you say? Believe it! Pole-dance mania is all the rage on the fitness circuit, and this is your chance to get in on the excitement. Tap into your sexy side, build your confidence, and develop a rockin' bod at the same time! Flight Fitness Studio's introductory class is designed for newbies, or those who are looking to get back into the program. Learn basic floor work, transitions, and pole postures. Dance to thumpin' beats at the same time, and pick up some choreography basics. Oh, and bring your sultry! This isn't your grandma's pole dance class!
    Intro to Pole

    583 E Dundee Rd, Palatine

    • Get into pole dance with an energetic class designed for beginners
    • Master basic poses, transitions, and floor work while dancing to fun beats
    • Develop your flexibility and stamina, and tone your body
    • Discover a social and supportive dance studio and build your confidence
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    11 positive reviews

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