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    Stretch and Flex

    Looking to expand your fitness routine? Some flexibility training ought to help you stretch your limits! This class from Spinderella Studios offers a relaxing, social environment to get limber and have fun while doing it. While based out of a pole dance academy, you'll be working exclusively on mat exercises designed to awaken and elongate your muscles. Soft lighting and easygoing music add to unhurried ambiance of this class, which is designed to not only help you get physically fit, but leave you feeling positive and focused. The only angles in this class are the one's formed by your own limbs!
    Stretch and Flex

    19151 144th Ave NE, Woodinville

    • Increase your flexibility with a workout designed to ply the major muscle groups
    • Learn gentle exercises designed to safely push your physical boundaries
    • Partake in a co-ed class that is welcoming of all fitness levels
    • Enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of an extended stretch workout
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