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    Sunset Sail

    The maritime world of Boston has many great stories to offer, and on this classic sail through the Boston Harbor, as the Sun dips below the horizon, you'll get to see and hear it all. Experience the sights of the Boston Fish Pier, The Moakley Federal Courthouse at Fan Pier, Castle Island, the Donald McKay monument, the Charleston Navy Yard, and much more, on a sail aboard the Adirondack III, a classic 80 foot pilot schooner. Experience Boston like never before, on a schooner, a drink in hand, and a knowledgeable captain and crew to ask about all the stories behind some of Boston's most unforgettable sights.
    Sunset Sail

    60 Rowes Wharf, Boston

    • Enjoy the historic scenery of the Boston Harbor aboard a classic 80 foot pilot schooner
    • Experience a beautiful Boston Harbor sunset on the water
    • Ask your knowledgeable staff and crew anything you'd like to know about the sights
    • Enjoy the ride, see the sights and have a drink onboard
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    Wine, Cheese, and The Pursuit of Happiness

    ...Endowed with certain inalienable rights, that among these, are wine, cheese, and the pursuit of happiness. In this tasty class, pursue your own happiness through delicious wine and cheese pairings: creamy brie, crunched aged gouda, and tangy blue cheeses. Stomach growling yet? After sampling wines and cheeses, you will sit down and enjoy a delicious dinner, complete with food and wine pairings. Discover the spectrum of wine and cheese and other strategies for making great matches, during this fun, one-of-a-kind class.
    Wine, Cheese, and The Pursuit of Happiness

    2 Merchant Street, Sharron

    • Pair a collection of wines with their perfect cheese counterparts
    • Enjoy a delicious dinner, and a wine accompaniment with each dish
    • Distinguish the spectrums of wine and cheese, and learn strategies for making perfect pairings in the future
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    Pizza and Historic Tavern Tour

    "One if by land, two if by sea." Add it up, and that's how many slices of pizza you'll be eating on this tour. If you don't take this for yourself, take it for Paul Revere. Combining a stroll through Boston's oldest neighborhoods with a ferry ride across Boston harbor, you'll enjoy three slices from the best pizza in the city, while also visiting two of Boston's most historic taverns. As you taste your way through the city, indulge in a drink or two at "Headquarters of the Revolution" and even stop by a tavern once visited by Mr. George Washington. That's 375 years of tavern history! Get ready to eat, drink, and be merry.
    Pizza and Historic Tavern Tour

    Hanover St & Cross St, Boston

    • Explore Boston's oldest neighborhoods and enjoy a ferry ride across Boston harbor
    • Taste three slices of Boston's very best pizza
    • Visit two of the city's most historic taverns, including Three Cranes Tavern and a bar once visited by George Washington
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    Make a Ring

    Rings can be great fashion statements, but they kind of lose their appeal when everyone else has the same one you do. Why not learn to create your own custom rings in this jewelry making class! Take a quick spin through several jewelry making techniques, including measuring, cutting, soldering, shaping and buffing metal under instruction from master craftsmen. After learning the basics of fashioning a ring from silver, create your own and customize it however you'd like. Leave with a beautiful accessory to either give to someone special or rock on your own to show off your new skill!
    Make a Ring

    24 Porter St, Jamaica Plain

    • Explore the basics of ring making in an introductory workshop
    • Learn basic techniques including measuring, cutting, and soldering
    • Express individuality customizing your your ring's design
    • Leave with a beautifully hand-crafted souvenir to either keep or give as a gift
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    Fused Jewelry Class (1 Hour)

    Experience glass on a personal scale. Create a fused-glass piece for you to wear and show-off. During this exciting one-hour jewelry workshop you'll make your very own unique piece of jewelry. You will have the choice of making a pendant, earring set, or ring. Customize your masterpiece with your own hand-selected silver findings and glass colors. You'll use the silver backings and hardware to mount your beautiful fused glass centerpiece. Add to your jewelry box and neckline in this fashionable class!
    Fused Jewelry Class (1 Hour)

    416 Lenox St, Norwood

    • Create a unique piece of jewelry, such as a pendant, earrings, or a ring
    • Use silver backings and hardware to mount your unique fused-glass piece
    • Show-off your creativity and add something beautiful and unique to your wardrobe
    • Enjoy meeting other craftsmen in the making
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    Intro Tutorial to Archery

    Think you can be an archer, but still haven't really learned the basics? This class will cover the important components that will have you flawlessly handling a bow and nailing targets in no time. The proper techniques of aiming, handling bows and strings, and shooting arrows will be taught to you so you can gain a full understanding of what goes into a great shot. You will get to practice in an indoor range where all proper safety precautions have been made so that you can effectively practice, learn, and perfect your skills with ease. Come learn what it's like to fire a bow!
    Intro Tutorial to Archery

    288 Plymouth Ave, Fall River

    • Enjoy an intro tutorial to archery aimed at teaching beginners without any experience
    • Perfect your aiming technique, uncover how to handle a bow, and shoot plenty of arrows
    • Learn the tips and tricks that will help you hit your target with ease and mastery
    • End the day feeling like you've taken a full step towards becoming an archer
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