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    Arcadia Earth

    Underwater worlds, mystical forests, and underground caves are just some of the few immersive adventures you will experience in this 18-room exhibition. The 15,000-square-foot pop-up uses virtual reality, technological art and interactive environments, to bring to light the grave impacts of humanity’s ecological footprint. The beauty of our Earth is majestically put into the spotlight through the various rooms in this art installations. As you look around the room, you will be awed to uncover that everything you see was created using recycled and biodegradable materials.
    Arcadia Earth

    718 Broadway, New York

    • Immerse yourself in this 18-room interactive Earth exhibit
    • Experience the merging of upcycled art and virtual reality
    • Absorb the artists’ messages through think pieces and video directives
    • Leave with plenty of Instagrammable photos to share with family and friends
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    Color Factory

    Welcome to Color Factory: Experience all 16-rooms inside this collaborative exhibit where you’ll celebrate a wider palette of razor-sharp reds, delicate pinks, thorny greens, and so much more. What to expect? Expressive wall guides along the 20,000 square foot path will help direct you through rooms filled with creativity, curiosity, and joy. Family-friendly games and activities designed to help you see that each color is more than a specific energy of light waves, but an emotion filled with history and wisdom. Dance your heart out on the illuminated dance floors. And as you dive into the giant ball pit (adults welcome) you’ll find that the colors seep through the exhibit, and into your heart -energizing you to keep exploring your life through an artistic lens. What’s unique? An unparalleled experience like no other, you’ll get the option to go completely hands-free (psst. that means your phone takes a back seat). Throughout the many photographic experiences, pictures will be taken for you and immediately transmitted to your email. An unexpected change to focus solely on your present surroundings. To sum it up... As you journey through this 16-room experience, you’ll be moved by all the ways the everyday presence of color upgrades and enhances our lives. Long after leaving you’ll be filled with a sense of wonder, pondering many of life's deepest questions, among others “What should I caption this photo?” Name on tickets must match at least 1 participant who will be attending event
    Color Factory

    251 Spring St, New York

    • 16 installations to invite curiosity, discovery & play
    • Connect with NYC in a unique, colorful new way
    • Engage all of your senses in unexpected ways
    • All ages are welcome. Children under 2 enter free
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    Cupcake Making 101

    Learn how to make cupcakes the Butter Lane way! All you need to bring is yourself, your friends, and a lot of excitement, they will provide everything else. This class is designed for everyone, from the baking enthusiast, to the person who just wants to assist (and eat). You will learn all of the basics of cupcake making. Everything from measuring and prepping to working a mixer like a professional, and perfecting the right amount of butter and sugar to make the best tasting icing, you will do. You will even make Butter Lane's three classic icings, American Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Cream Cheese, and have the chance to mix your own version of their famous flavors, like Raspberry, Peanut Butter or Cinnamon. Butter Lane will even show you the secret to their distinctive swirl!
    Cupcake Making 101

    123 E 7th St, New York

    • Learn three cupcake recipes
    • Master American Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Cream Cheese icings
    • Mix your own flavors including Raspberry, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon
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    Champagne Sunset Cruise

    Twice a year, a sunset beautifully illuminates the Manhattan streets with the sun setting perfectly down each streetway. You shouldn't be forced to experience Manhattanhenge's beauty only twice per year. With the Champagne Sunset Cruise, you have a chance to experience this beautiful sunset whenever you want. You'll traverse the island's waterways, viewing bridges, Governor's Island, Ellis Island, and parts of Queens and Brooklyn. All the while, sip on a tasty drink and relax on the boat deck. How much better can life get?
    Champagne Sunset Cruise

    62 Chelsea Piers, New York

    • Sail on a luxurious 1920s yacht, watching the sunset on the Manhattan skyline
    • Enjoy views of Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, and various architecturally and historically significant bridges
    • Sip a complimentary beverage during the trip
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    Sushi Making Deluxe Experience

    If you love sushi, but hate those high prices, then skip the restaurants and let your sushi love go rogue with this DIY experience. During this class, you'll learn all the skills needed to make maki rolls as well as hand rolls (temaki). Get comfortable in the kitchen with which grains to use, how to cook and season the rice, and how to securely roll everything together. Bring a friend or your date for a delicious cooking and dining experience. Your wallet and your belly will thank you.
    Sushi Making Deluxe Experience

    307 W 38th St, New York

    • Learn how to make 3-4 maki sushi rolls and temaki (hand rolls)
    • Use fresh ingredients such as tuna, salmon, avocado, masago, daikon, burdock and tamago
    • Make the proper sushi rice for delicious rolls
    • Take home a complimentary, handmade ceramic soy sauce bowl
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    Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making Class

    Who needs Willy Wonka when you've got the Raaka Chocolate Factory? Now you can book and guarantee your adventure instead of praying to land one of the five Golden Tickets! During this delicious class, you'll learn how to make your own silky chocolate bars out of unroasted cacao beans. First, you'll embark on a tour of Raaka Chocolate's factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where you'll get to taste virgin cacao from different regions of the world. After comparing the different bold flavors, you'll have the chance to pour your own bars in Raaka Chocolate's molds! At the end of the class, you'll not only have hand-crafted bars to take home, but also the knowledge to make many more to fulfill your heart's desires!
    Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making Class

    64 Seabring St, Brooklyn

    • Tour the facilities of this Red Hook-based chocolate factory
    • Taste unroasted cacao from different regions of the world
    • Learn how to turn unroasted beans into chocolate bars
    • Make your own silky smooth bars to take home
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