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    Graffiti Class

    Curious about street art? Fancy yourself the next Banksy? Come explore graffiti and street art in this hands-on class; a time to create, to be free, and to play. Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms to create collaborative murals with friends and other artists. This class is great for anyone intrigued by personal expression, visual art, shape, graffiti art, painting, airbrushing, cartoons, comics, color, and abstract forms. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with this fun new art form!
    Graffiti Class

    3305 8th St NE, Washington

    • Come explore the basics of graffiti and street art in this creative hands-on class
    • Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms
    • Express your creativity as you develop new skills and create new memories
    • Experience graffiti with friends, family, colleagues and other artists
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    Cupcake Bike Ramble

    Cupcakes and cycling. What more could you ask for? Come out for a pleasant cruise with an acclaimed pastry chef and cycling personality! You'll be led around the city at a moderate pace before stopping in a tranquil spot to have a snack. Fresh-baked, delectable treats (that are rarely cupcakes) will be brought along for sharing, and make sure you bring plenty of water to wash it down! The ride typically spans about twenty to twenty-five miles in distance and takes a few hours, so it's a great way to kick off the weekend. You'll explore some great places, have a delicious snack, and get to meet some great people.
    Cupcake Bike Ramble

    440 K St NW, Washington

    • Mix cupcakes with cycling and enjoy a pleasant 20 to 25 mile ride with a snack
    • Enjoy being led by an acclaimed pastry chef and cycling personality
    • Get to see the city at a moderate pace and get to know some great people
    • End the day feeling like you've got in your exercise and seen great places
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    Little Ethiopia Food Tour

    Journey from historic U Street through the Shaw neighborhood to visit the heart of the world's largest Ethiopian enclave outside of Ethiopia! The 200,000 person community boasts over 45 Ethiopian restaurants throughout the DC area, more than any Ethiopian community in the United States. Enjoy a wide variety of foods from the area's many restaurants -- some carryout, some sit-down -- but all equally important to the Ethiopian community at large. Your gastronomic experience will chronicle the intricate flavors, textures, and colors in Ethiopian cuisine, while recounting the history of the Ethiopian people. Savor delicious samples, which may include a traditional Ethiopian breakfast, some deep fried appetizers, vegetarian and meat dishes, handmade sauces and cottage cheese, and Italian influenced desserts. You've never experienced a history lesson as delicious as this before!
    Little Ethiopia Food Tour

    10th & U NW, WASHINGTON

    • Journey through the heart of the world's largest Ethiopian enclave outside of Ethiopia on this tour
    • Enjoy a wide variety of foods from Little Ethiopia many restaurants, some carryout, some sit-down
    • Learn about the history of the Ethiopian people from your expert tour guide
    • Savor delicious samples, which may include a traditional Ethiopian breakfast and deep fried appetizers
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    DC Craft Cocktail Tour

    This delicious tour will take you to the center of Washington DC’s craft cocktail scene as we visit some of the best bars in the city. Along the way, we’ll sample delicious libations, swap tales of speakeasies and rum-runners, learn how to make craft cocktails and discover some of the best hidden places to grab a drink in our nation’s capital.
    DC Craft Cocktail Tour

    678 Indiana Ave NW, Washington

    • Taste delicious craft cocktails at some of Washington DC’s best bars
    • Learn how prohibition shaped DC
    • Find the best hidden spots to grab a drink in the Penn Quarter and Chinatown
    • Observe the craft cocktail-making process and pick up some tips on how to make your perfect tipple
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    Mud & Merlot: Vases

    Have you ever wanted to make your own unique and personalized vase? This class will walk you through the basics necessary to craft the perfect vessel. Along with the activity of making vases, you will also have a choice of Merlot, white wine, and soda as refreshments to help you loosen up. You are invited to bring individual items like leaves, cloths, and personal memorabilia as add-ons to incorporate into your work. Come let your creativity be inspired while making a vase that you can cherish and be proud of!
    Mud & Merlot: Vases

    155 Gibbs St, Rockville

    • Create your own vase and learn the techniques to make your own masterpiece
    • Enjoy a variety of beverages to help you loosen up and have a relaxing and fun time
    • Include your own unique items, materials, and memorabilia into your vase as add-ons
    • Make a vase that is unique and the result of your own artistic vision
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    Cuban Salsa

    Is it hot in here, or is that just you? Turn up the heat at this spicy salsa class! Cuban Salsa is a group form of Salsa dancing with moves that can also be done in one on one social dancing. It's joyful movement, great exercise, and a good way to meet new people. The class is friendly and the moves are skillfully taught. Come by and learn what it means to bailar!
    Cuban Salsa

    5671 Western Ave NW, Washington

    • Learn the counts and steps of Cuban Salsa, a fun dance done to Latin music
    • Pair up with a partner to spice up your dance moves
    • Get a great workout while improving your confidence and overall fitness
    • No experience necessary
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