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    Graffiti Class (Up to 6 people)

    Curious about street art? Fancy yourself the next Banksy? Come explore graffiti and street art in this hands-on class; a time to create, to be free, and to play. Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms to create collaborative murals with friends and other artists. This class is great for anyone intrigued by personal expression, visual art, shape, graffiti art, painting, airbrushing, cartoons, comics, color, and abstract forms. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with this fun new art form!
    Graffiti Class (Up to 6 people)

    3305 8th St NE, Washington

    • Come explore the basics of graffiti and street art in this creative hands-on class
    • Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms
    • Express your creativity as you develop new skills and create new memories
    • Experience graffiti with friends, family, colleagues and other artists
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    Cuban Salsa (Online)

    Is it hot in here, or is that just you? Turn up the heat at this spicy salsa class! Cuban Salsa is a group form of Salsa dancing with moves that can also be done in one on one social dancing. It's joyful movement, great exercise, and a good way to meet new people. The class is friendly and the moves are skillfully taught. Come by and learn what it means to bailar!
    Cuban Salsa (Online)

    5671 Western Ave NW, Washington

    • Learn the counts and steps of Cuban Salsa, a fun dance done to Latin music
    • Pair up with a partner to spice up your dance moves
    • Get a great workout while improving your confidence and overall fitness
    • No experience necessary
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    13 positive reviews
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    Try Sailing!

    Have you always wondered what it would feel like to be the captain of your own vessel? Take your first exploratory steps into sailing with this 2 hour course and get a taste of the seaman life! Perfect for those looking to just get their feet wet, you'll learn all about sailing from a professional sailor, who will share basic terms and techniques as you glide across the Chesapeake Bay. Let your curiosity be fulfilled as you, guided by your instructor, take the helm and steer your crew in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you're looking to get serious about sailing or simply want to get out on the water for the day, this class has a little something for everyone.
    Try Sailing!

    411 Deale Rd, Tracys Landing, Deale

    • Take the helm and see what it feels like to steer the boat
    • Experience a 2 hour sailing session led by professional instructors
    • Get an entertaining introduction to the sport of sailing
    • Enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere
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