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    Escape from Death Row

    You're on death row: You and your mates have found yourself in REAL jail cells. But I'm innocent, I swear! -- Hey, save it for that maker you're about to meet. Oh, b-t-dubs, you don't even get a last meal, because we're out of pork. Deal with it. Enjoy your last hour! Sheesh. So prison's tough, and you're starting to think it's not the life for you. Hey, it's never too late to start over. Well actually, you have exactly 60 minutes to start over, THEN it's too late. Hope you brought your "Get out of jail free"card! What would you actually do? Book this exciting escape room, set in a REAL jail cell (creepy!) to see if you're a survivor or a...die-er. :/ Will you make it? Can you save your cell mates? Be a hero. If nothing else, do it for the pork.
    Escape from Death Row

    7 Central St, Arlington

    • Use your wits to get out of this high-security puzzle room that takes place in an ACTUAL jail cell!
    • Find out if you have what it takes to break out of prison
    • Show off your problem solving skills, your attention to detail, and your quick wits
    • Invite a friend and work your way out as a team
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    Introductory Flight Lesson (Cessna 172)

    Take an introductory flight lesson and turn your dream of flying into a reality! Start off learning how to pre-flight the airplane with one of Pilgrim Aviation's experienced, FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Next, learn the controls of the cockpit! Uncover the feeling of flight from the pilot seat for a single passenger 30-minute flight with your instructor, who will assist you in a take-off and landing. You will fly as much of the flight as you wish! Experience stunning views of land and sea while learning the basics of flying an airplane. After your flight, engage in post-flight debriefing with your instructor. The introductory flight time will be even logged toward earning your pilot certificate. This is truly an amazing opportunity for you to experience flying and an excitement that you won't forget!
    Introductory Flight Lesson (Cessna 172)

    246 S Meadow Rd, Plymouth

    • Experience flight with an introductory flight lesson accompanied by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor
    • Learn both the pre-flight methods as well as the post-flight process with a debriefing
    • Be assisted in the takeoff and landing process to help begin your flight adventures
    • Uncover flight training and transition into the pilot seat
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    Intro to Climbing Course (South Boston)

    Think your recreational life has peaked? Get a grip and learn to climb! During this introductory climbing course, you'll learn fundamental techniques in a safe, secure indoor facility featuring a variety of climbing wall challenges. You'll be guided by an experienced instructor who will teach you proper handhold and foothold placements while also giving you a full lesson in belaying. In addition to being a great introduction to climbing, this course is also a great chance to get introduced to the gym itself. With this course, there's no doubt you'll fall head over heels for the sport of climbing. It's mountains of fun!
    Intro to Climbing Course (South Boston)

    30 Old Colony Ave, Boston

    • Learn the essential elements of climbing from an experienced professional
    • Pick up incredibly useful, basic climbing skills, such as belaying and proper hand and foot placement
    • Receive a one month membership to a state-of-the-art gym, including gear rental, to keep your climbing adventures moving forward
    • Strengthen your confidence in your climbing abilities by gaining valuable experience
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