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    The Whiskey Steakhouse

    Bold whiskey and hearty steakhouse dishes make the perfect couple. You will make a meal that puts whiskey to use, including: ricotta toast with bourbon-bacon jam; New York strip steak with mushroom-whiskey sauce; whiskey glazed carrots; hash browns; and whiskey and chocolate pecan bars, all washed down with a whiskey sour!
    The Whiskey Steakhouse

    225 Liberty St, New York

    • Learn to prepare some of the best whiskey-infused recipes around at the Institute of Culinary Education
    • Prepare and dine on bourbon-bacon jam, mushroom whiskey sauce, and whiskey-glazed carrots, among other tasty delights
    • Wow your friends with expertly-crafted whiskey dishes
    • Step up your cooking game and gain some valuable new skills
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    Stand Up Comedy (Sun)

    Founded by native New Yorkers experienced in the comedy business, EastVille Comedy Club, at its new home where it is the only comedy club in Brooklyn, prides itself on featuring the funniest and most experienced comics in the biz for a sure-fire night of laughs. There are no drink or food minimums and the 125-seat retro club regularly hosts comedians seen in film and on television’s Comedy Central, HBO, The Tonight Show and Late Show. Janeane Garofalo, Judah Friedlander, Jim Gaffigan and Todd Barry are among the top comics who’ve recently played the EastVille, and up-and-comers often share the bill, so you can see the comedy stars of tomorrow, too.
    Stand Up Comedy (Sun)

    487 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

    • Watch some of the city's (and country's) hottest stand-up comics perform and enjoy a night filled with laughter
    • Ease the tension from the daily grind with a comedy show
    • All ages welcome
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    Incredible Handmade Pizza

    Everyone knows the Big Apple turns out some of the best pizza around. So how 'bout a challenge? Here's to YOU becoming the next pizza king of the city! Join this group class to learn the secret tricks behind making a killer, one-of-a-kind thin crust and then delve into the history behind some of the most popular pies at the top of Gotham's list. You'll also pick up a few bonus skills as we create delicious Donut, drizzled with a home-made Chocolate Sauce. Bring your friends and the drinks and we'll share some of NYC's best kept pizza secrets! BYOB
    Incredible Handmade Pizza

    109 W 27th St, New York

    • Learn to make yummy New York-style pizza alongside a professional chef
    • Improve your cooking skill set in a professional kitchen with hands-on practice in a group setting
    • Enhance the social quality of the experience by bringing your own adult drinks
    • Enjoy a pizza meal prepared from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection
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    Piggin' Out: Tour of the Whole Hog

    Piggin' Out takes on a new meaning in this pork-ified class. You won't merely eat five pounds of pig, but instead, prepare the pig for consumption. From the rooter to the tooter, you will learn how to source, clean, and cook phenomenal pork. Transform your pig into the greatest pork-related invention: charcuterie. During the demonstration, you'll talk sausage, curing, smoking, and of course, barbecue. Get ready to smell the heavenly scents and touch the delicious meats. Salivating yet? If not, just think about the melt-in-your-mouth cuts. Soo good!
    Piggin' Out: Tour of the Whole Hog

    75 9th Ave, New York

    • Dive into every part of the pig
    • Learn how to source, clean, and cook great pork
    • Cover the greatest thing to happen to pork: charcuterie
    • Discuss sausages, curing, smoking, and BBQ
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    Gun Hill Brewing Company Brewery Tour

    Tap into your inner beer lover during this frothy experience. Check out the inner workings of one of NYC's favorite microbreweries, getting an intimate look at how this facility crafts delicious and complex beers from start-to-finish. Featuring a range of products, such as barrel-aged stouts, pomegranate wheats, and more hoppy concoctions, Gun Hill Brewing Company features a little something for everyone. Of course, in addition to learning about the thought and work behind these brews, you'll be able to judge them for yourself with ample tastings. One thing is certain - this tour is sure to keep you foaming at the mouth.
    Gun Hill Brewing Company Brewery Tour

    3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx

    • Tour the production floors of a popular and creative New York microbrewery
    • Taste 4 flights of delicious beers while learning about the processes that differentiate them
    • Discover a new favorite brand of beer during an intimate introduction
    • Enjoy expanding your knowledge of brewing while letting loose with a few drinks
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