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    Stand Up Comedy (Thurs and Sun)

    Founded by native New Yorkers experienced in the comedy business, EastVille Comedy Club features some of the funniest and most experienced comedians in the city. In its All Star Show, a rotating list of the city's best stand-up comics showcase their material. During the show, you're almost guaranteed to be on the hinges of laughter, be laughing, or in full-blown exploding laughter. It's definitely a show you won't want to miss.
    Stand Up Comedy (Thurs and Sun)

    487 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

    • Watch some of the city's (and country's) hottest stand-up comics perform and enjoy a night filled with laughter
    • Ease the tension from the daily grind with a comedy show
    • All ages welcome
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    Steakhouse (BYOB)

    No one creates a culinary work-of-art like a Steakhouse, but perfecting these recipes at home comes down to technique. With easy to digest tips, we will break down the different cut options, how to find the best cut on a budget and discover the secret of a perfect sear. With easy recipes to compliment our mouth-watering 8-ounce steaks, we will make a red wine reduction as we pair it with a traditional bleu cheese wedge salad and truffle mashed potatoes. And don't forget to bring your fave bottle of red vino or other drink of choice. Hungry yet? Come and indulge with us!
    Steakhouse (BYOB)

    109 W 27th St, New York

    • Learn to cook mouthwatering steaks to perfection just like in a professional steakhouse
    • Improve your cooking skill set in a professional kitchen with hands-on practice in a group setting
    • Enhance the social quality of the experience by bringing your own adult drinks
    • Enjoy a meal prepared from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection
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    Gun Hill Brewing Company Brewery Tour

    Tap into your inner beer lover during this frothy experience. Check out the inner workings of one of NYC's favorite microbreweries, getting an intimate look at how this facility crafts delicious and complex beers from start-to-finish. Featuring a range of products, such as barrel-aged stouts, pomegranate wheats, and more hoppy concoctions, Gun Hill Brewing Company features a little something for everyone. Of course, in addition to learning about the thought and work behind these brews, you'll be able to judge them for yourself with ample tastings. One thing is certain - this tour is sure to keep you foaming at the mouth.
    Gun Hill Brewing Company Brewery Tour

    3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx

    • Tour the production floors of a popular and creative New York microbrewery
    • Taste a range of delicious beers while learning about the processes that differentiate them
    • Discover a new favorite brand of beer during an intimate introduction
    • Enjoy expanding your knowledge of brewing while letting loose with a few drinks
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    Date Night Painting Party

    Get ready to loosen up and uncork your creative expression with your sweetie on a Saturday night! How can you improve a night of painting? With a little wine and a little love. In this workshop, you will re-spark your inner-artist as a couple, and create a beautiful painting for the home. You'll learn step-by-step brushstroke techniques, including color mixing, brushwork, composition, texture, and, most importantly, relaxation in this fun environment. With one-on-one attention, you'll learn quickly. So sip, relax, and embrace... your painting and lover.
    Date Night Painting Party

    145 W 96th St, New York

    • Receive tailor-made instruction in color mixing, brushwork, composition, texture, and more
    • Create one painting on one canvas together
    • Paint your favorite image from a variety of landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract paintings
    • Walk away with a finished masterpiece
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    Hike & Whiskey Tasting

    Escape from city living with a wondrous day hiking the Shawangunk Mountains and touring New York State's only whiskey distillery that is open to the public. With the backdrop of the Hudson Valley and the Highlands, you'll hike a moderate six miles through the mountains, while viewing breathtaking scenery along the way. Following your hike, you'll be taken to the distillery, where you will have the opportunity to sample three whiskeys and/or vodkas to quench your post-hiking thirst. Could this hike get any better?
    Hike & Whiskey Tasting

    867 Broadway E 18th St, New York

    • Hike six miles through the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains
    • Enjoy a lecture in whiskey distilling at New York's only public distillery
    • Taste a variety of whiskey and/or vodka
    • Perfect hike for active first-timers
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    Greenwich Village Ghost Tour

    Believe it or not, your monthly rent is not the scariest thing about this city. Uncover the creepiest kooks and spooks of New York City's past on stroll through its haunted hollows. This tour is not for the faint of heart, taking those who seek a good thrill through the eeriest streets of Greenwich Village and Chelsea amidst their lingering ghosts. You'll hear the tales of modern murder, visit Mark Twain's 'House of Horror,' and stand above the hidden tomb of 20,000 yellow fever victims--awaiting your arrival, no less. Hollywood said it best: 'You'd best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You're in one!'
    Greenwich Village Ghost Tour

    Washington Square Park, New York

    • Take a walking tour of the eeriest sites of tragedy and mystery in New York City's history
    • Hear bone-chilling true stories of murder and intrigue
    • Visit famous grounds of horror such as the Chelsea Hotel, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, Mark Twain's 'House of Horror,' and the tomb of 20,000 yellow fever victims
    • Come in contact with the tortured spirits that haunt the streets of Greenwich Village and Chelsea
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