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    North Beach Walking Pub Tour

    From Beatniks to the Blues masters, drunken sailors, hardened fishermen, and karaoke kings, North Beach is full of colourful, local identities and fanciful folk heroes. Find out about them as you tour the best bars in San Francisco with an engaging and knowledgeable local guide. You'll rub elbows with literary masters, sip an Anchor Steam ale (or a local wine), and learn about North Beach's colorful history. It's a perfect way to get the inside scoop on one of San Francisco's most vibrant neighborhoods.
    North Beach Walking Pub Tour

    255 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

    • Take a fun walking tour of North Beach's best pubs
    • Learn about the neighborhood's colorful and storied past and present while you sip a local brew
    • Walk away with new knowledge of a fascinating area and a list of great bars and cafes
    • Enjoy a perfect way to find the best local hangouts
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    Beginner's Photography

    We all know that the best superhero ability would be to be able to stop time. Alas, it's impossible (we're mostly certain of this). Photography isn't the same... but it's the closest thing we've got to it. If you're going to do something, do it well. Come down to the Isla Studio and learn the basics of this incredible artform. Not only will you never miss a memory again, your memories will take on an aesthetically pleasing form... no thumbs in front of the lense, in other words. You know, in the early years of photography, philosopher Walter Benjamin criticized the medium as a debasement of art's "aura". What did he know? Photography rules.
    Beginner's Photography

    612 Alabama St, San Francisco

    • Learn the basics of photography in a 3-hour introductory course
    • Go over concepts like exposure, aperture, depth of field, and shutter speed
    • Switch your camera off of automatic mode -- get acquainted with manual
    • Take the first steps in an incredible, artistic journey
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    Find the Forgotten Treasure

    Captain Kidd IX lead a double life. He was a pirate, and a respected captain. After being the only one to survive a shipwreck, he collected insurmountable wealth. As a tradition of his time, he buried his treasure and left a map to guide any daring adventurers. Many have embarked on this mission, and none have returned. In this interactive game, you'll have the chance to work with friends, family, and complete strangers to get out of this locked cell. Your courage and teamworking skills will be put to the test during this time-sensitive mission. With a 14% escape rate, this game will stretch your mind as far as it will go. Will your team be the first, and only, to find the Captain's forgotten treasure?
    Find the Forgotten Treasure

    5327 Jacuzzi St, Richmond

    • Embark on a sinister journey that could lead to your disappearance
    • Use your intellect and wits to decipher clues and find Captain Kidd's treasure under 60 minutes
    • Work together with friends and complete strangers to find the truth
    • Enjoy the thrill of the time crunch and the terror of the ominous challenge
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    Surfing Lesson

    Ever dream of riding the waves, feeling the salty ocean spray against your face as the adrenaline courses through your veins? There is no freedom quite like that you feel when you're perched on a board, coasting across the rolling water. During this surf lesson, you'll discover that very rush of adrenaline with the help of an expert, experienced surfer. Your prior experience doesn't matter here -- the lesson will be adjusted according to your needs! Do you want to surf bigger waves in more dangerous and exotic locations? Find out how to do it safely.
    Surfing Lesson

    Get directions 5100 Cabrillo Hwy, Pacifica

    • Spend 2 hours learning to surf with an experienced, trained teacher
    • Enjoy the incredible water and beautiful views of the shore
    • Feel the adrenaline rush you get when you ride the waves
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