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    National Park Rides - Saguaro Stables - 1.5 Hour

    Do you ever sigh and say, "Oh, I should have been a cowboy"? Well, this one's for you. It's only an hour and a half, so no huge commitments or career-changes are required, but this trip's definitely long enough to get a taste of life in the saddle. So hop on and giddy up with trained horses from Saguaro Stables. Learn the basics, follow your guide's lead, and hey -- relax! You're in "The Old Pueblo" now. Time to kick back, enjoy the scenery and smell the cacti. Speaking of cacti, keep an eye out! There are all kinds of wonders in Saguaro National Park, and your informative guide and wrangler of horses will be happy to point out such sights as the "jumping cactus" or any little burrows inhabited by the infamous ground owls. They're cute little critters. And don't forget Rule One for all cowfolk in the making: Don't squat with your spurs on!
    National Park Rides - Saguaro Stables - 1.5 Hour

    7151 S Camino Loma Alta, Tucson

    • Enjoy a leisurely ride through Saguaro National Park on horseback
    • Learn how to lead a horse with experienced, knowledgeable rangers who are sure to inform and entertain
    • Discover the gorgeous scenery of a natural desert landscape
    • Keep an eye out for such natural wonders as the "jumping cactus"and burrows inhabited by ground owls along the trail!
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