5 Hilariously Awesome Date Ideas

August 10, 2016

Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

We’d like to revise that to say that a date without laughter is indeed a date wasted. But what if you and your date aren’t in the mood for a good ol’ rom com? You, my friends, are in luck.

There are a ton of great live comedy shows near you! And they’ll be sure to leave you both having a great time. Below, we’ve handpicked some of the best.

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    Escape from Death Row

    You're on death row: You and your mates have found yourself in REAL jail cells. But I'm innocent, I swear! -- Hey, save it for that maker you're about to meet. Oh, b-t-dubs, you don't even get a last meal, because we're out of pork. Deal with it. Enjoy your last hour! Sheesh. So prison's tough, and you're starting to think it's not the life for you. Hey, it's never too late to start over. Well actually, you have exactly 60 minutes to start over, THEN it's too late. Hope you brought your "Get out of jail free"card! What would you actually do? Book this exciting escape room, set in a REAL jail cell (creepy!) to see if you're a survivor or a...die-er. :/ Will you make it? Can you save your cell mates? Be a hero. If nothing else, do it for the pork.
    Escape from Death Row

    7 Central St, Arlington

    • Use your wits to get out of this high-security puzzle room that takes place in an ACTUAL jail cell!
    • Find out if you have what it takes to break out of prison
    • Show off your problem solving skills, your attention to detail, and your quick wits
    • Invite a friend and work your way out as a team
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    Glassblowing Workshop

    Does your life need a bit more heat and creativity? Of course it does. Get your creative start now by working with molten glass, an ancient process still used today. During this one-hour workshop, you'll make a pumpkin, paperweight, or an ornament. Pick your favorite colors and a professional instructor will help you do the rest. You will have something of your own making to take home! You craftsy creator, you!
    Glassblowing Workshop

    416 Lenox St, Norwood

    • Work with molten glass to create a pumpkin, paperweight, or ornament
    • Color your glass-blown piece of art
    • Express your creativity through the ancient process of glass blowing
    • Enjoy meeting other craftsmen in the making!
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    25 positive reviews
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