5 DIY Date Ideas to Build the Perfect Date Night

August 13, 2018

It is 2017, the year of change. Stray away from the normality of movie and dinner nights, and the ever classic Netflix and Chill. You can build the perfect date night with these great DIY date ideas.

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    Sunset Paddle

    If you seek a titillating twilight tour, look no further. This kayaking journey will give you a whole new perspective of city of Chicago. You'll be making your way along the Chicago River, surrounded on all sides by reflections of gold as the sun drops below the horizon. You'll paddle for six miles with a licensed guide who will point out some of the unique sites as you pass by, offering up nuggets of architectural fact and history. Whether you have years of experience kayaking, or are picking up the paddle for the first time, you'll find plenty to enjoy during this adventure. That is, if you're not too busy being titillated by the views.
    Sunset Paddle

    1220 W LeMoyne Ave, Chicago

    • Kayak across the city on the Chicago River during this energizing twilight adventure tour
    • Learn about the history and architecture of Chicago as you paddle by several famous sites
    • Let a certified instructor show you the ropes during a safe row
    • Feel the adrenaline of adventure consume your senses and fuel your sense of wonder
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    Blue Man Group

    You've heard about them through friends and have seen them on TV, now see them live! Come watch the recently updated Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theater. As one of the longest running shows in Chicago, the Blue Man Group is responding to the ever-changing world by integrating new-age technology into their performance. You will witness the newly added "GiPad," a giant tablet, for several aspects of the show, while the lights, colors, and spectacles fascinate even the biggest naysayer. Enjoy the humor and social commentary of this performance as it combines the traditional 'Blue Man' antics with 21st-century technology for an amazing visual experience. This is the Blue Man Group like you've never seen them before!
    Blue Man Group

    3133 N Halsted St, Chicago

    • Watch a live Blue Man Group performance with integrated new-age technology
    • Marvel at the group's "GiPad," lights, colors, humor and new original pieces
    • Enjoy this high-profile troupe's family-friendly show
    • Main floor seating
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    Trapped in a Room with A Zombie

    So you think you're smarter than a brain-dead zombie? Well, here's your ultimate chance to prove it. You'll enjoy this Room Escape Adventure, a live interactive theater production/team building activity, that places you right in the center of all the action. Trapped inside a room with a team of 12, you must rely on your wits, your teammates, and your ability to communicate with each other in order to escape in 60 minutes or less, or else. Or else what? Or else the zombie gets you. Bring your A-game, as the zombie's chain is loosened a foot every five minutes... And he's hungry for one thing only: BRAAAAAIIINS.
    Trapped in a Room with A Zombie

    410 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago

    • Prepare for interactive theater at its finest! Use your wits to gather clues and solve puzzles in order to escape a locked room in 60 minutes or less
    • Get a taste of what it would be like to be on reality TV shows likes Fear Factor, Minute To Win It, Survivor & The Amazing Race
    • Create amazing memories and strengthen your communication and team-working skills
    • Practice survival techniques for the zombie apocalypse
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    Beginner Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving may seem a bit intimidating, but there's always a place to start! This class is designed for those who have decided to give scuba diving a try. Have no prior experience? No problem! You will learn how to use the necessary dive equipment and how to breathe underwater. The skills you gain will be important parts of learning scuba diving to the fullest. Come and prepare yourself for scuba certification. Immerse yourself in the enjoyment of transversing the water with ease.
    Beginner Scuba Diving

    7219 Olde Salem Cir, Hanover Park

    • Try scuba diving for the first time with a class that gets you acquainted with diving
    • Learn the procedures and steps to making your scuba diving desires a reality
    • Explore the different gear depending on if you're diving in tropical, temperate, or cold water
    • Take your first steps towards getting a scuba certification
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    Badass Bitches Tour

    We’re not trying to spill any (bean)s, but widespread feminism is still not a reality- especially in the art and museum world! Join a group of badass females, and take a guided tour of The Art Institute of Chicago. Celebrate the female artists who broke barriers to have their art noticed, while also learning about the women artists who the patriarchy sought to keep oppressed! Make friends, fall in love with new art, and most importantly, chip away at the patriarchy. The future of art is female!
    Badass Bitches Tour

    111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago

    • Embark on a female focused tour of The Art Institute of Chicago
    • Learn about brilliant female artists left out of history books
    • Spend two hours celebrating women and their art
    • Join the growing feminist art revolution
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    Basics of Craft Beer Making

    A home brewer can legally make up to 100 gallons of beer or wine a year, or if two adults are living in the house, 200 gallons per year. This class will show you just how simple it is to make wine or beer. You will learn about the thousands of ingredients, different accessories, as well as multiple techniques used in making beer and wine. So time to put your mind to the test as you master homebrew basics and design your own craft beer. Taste the hops. Taste the beer. Drink up this phenomenal experience!
    Basics of Craft Beer Making

    335 W Northwest Highway, Palatine

    • Create your own craft beer
    • Learn the fundamentals of homebrewing and mix ingredients like hops and special grains to create your unique brew
    • Discover the process of brewing, fermentation, and what to look for in a delicious beer
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