5 Date Ideas for the Portland Pet-Lover

January 24, 2020

We’ve all seen it happen.

One minute you’re standing tall and proud, impressing the people around you with your sharp intellect and witty charm. Then, all of a sudden, a small fluffball comes yapping around the corner. It’s likely one of those mix breed pups -- something that sounds drastically contrived, like a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle) or a Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Daschund). And don’t even get us started on the Schnoodle.  

The next thing you know, some unknown force pushes you to your knees and your voice climbs seven octaves higher than where it usually sits. Your hands reach forward and you scratch this small, fluffy, mammal whilst squealing a string of endearing phrases. You overutilize rhetorical questions such as “aren’t you just the cutest?” and “I could just eat you up, couldn’t I?”

After minutes pass, you regain your sense of self and stand up to continue your credible points. What just happened? Did you black out?

No, no, no. You’re just a Portland pet lover. As you should be -- because you’re in the city that has designated a whopping 33 off-leash areas for dogs.

Love your pet you might, but there comes a time when the dog, rabbit, cat, hedgehog, or whatever creature you decided to domesticate, must stay behind. Maybe when you’re going on a date, for example.

Well don’t worry -- you may not be able to bring JJ the hedgehog along with you, but we’ve still got the perfect Portland date ideas for an animal lover like yourself.

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    Beginner Fencing (Adult)

    Explore the sport of sabre fencing in a safe and positive environment as you learn the basics from award-winning instructors. You'll get suited up in the proper equipment and then take to the mat as you learn the basic rules and strategies that serve as the foundation for this classic sport. Practice techniques of both defense and attack- such as feints, lunges, parrys, and counterattacks- as you work alongside fellow beginners, master your movements and gaini confidence in your skills. Whatever your reason for wanting to pick up a sabre, this class will give you just what you need to get started.
    Beginner Fencing (Adult)

    5645 SW Arctic Dr, Beaverton

    • Learn the basics of fencing from a professional instructor
    • Discover the keys to proper safety as you become familiar with your movements
    • Practice defense, attacks, rules, and basic strategy
    • Explore a classic sport and build new skills
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    3 positive reviews
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    Morning Columbia Gorge Waterfall Tour

    Water is great. But let's face it -- drinking it all the time, looking at it day after day in its usual forms (shower, toilet, puddles, plastic cups, etc.) gets a little tedious, doesn't it? Rekindle your passion for your translucent, swishy friend with a comprehensive, guided tour of some of the most scenic waterfalls the US has to offer. Hop on the minibus and get ready to experience the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge, one of the United States' most photographed Natural Scenic Reserves. It'll have you thinking "Water, where have you been all my life?"
    Morning Columbia Gorge Waterfall Tour

    SW Taylor St & SW 9th Ave, Portland

    • Experience the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge, one of the United States' most photographed Natural Scenic Reserves
    • See waterfalls, basalt lava flows, and species found nowhere else in the world
    • Stop at the famed Bonneville Dam Sturgeon viewing center
    • Enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city
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    Martial Arts

    The most common discovery of martial arts students is that their training affects their lives in ways they never could have thought possible. When you sign up for this free-trial class, you won't just learn self-defense techniques-- you'll also build character. Following the guidance of an expert instructor, you'll learn basic skills used in a variety of more advanced classes, giving you a solid foundation on which to build your self-defense abilities. However, you'll also learn what it means to confront stress and gain greater self-possession. You will learn to remain calm, focused and effective under duress. Don't wait a second longer. Come on down, and see what martial arts can do for you!
    Martial Arts

    17253 Pilkington Rd, Lake Oswego

    • Learn the core skills that will help you in more advanced martial arts classes
    • Build your character by practicing self-possession, the ability to remain calm and focused under duress
    • Gain the skills needed to transform your life into what you wish it to be
    • Get a good workout and meet new people in a safe and welcoming environment
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    1 positive reviews
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    Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour from Portland (PM)

    "Don't go chasing waterfalls; Stick to the rivers and the" -- Scruuurcshh (record skipping) Say what!?! TLC may have been the voice of a generation, but they got it wrong on this count. Chase waterfalls to your heart's content on this epic day long quest for the perfect fall. Experience the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge, one of the United States' most photographed Natural Scenic Reserves. You'll drive along the oldest scenic highway in the US and stop at sweeping viewpoints, flowing falls, and Multnomah Falls Historic Lodge. You'll check out all of the best waterfalls as you wind your way through the woods. Stop by Wahkeena Falls, the most picturesque waterfall in the valley because of its spectacular alluvial fan. Check out the dams spanning the Columbia River and head to a local fishery to meet Herman, the 10 foot, 450 pound sturgeon. Head back to Portland with your thirst for waterfalls quenched Warning-- No scrubs. Scrubs will get no love on this tour.
    Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour from Portland (PM)

    815 SW Park Ave, Portland

    • Experience the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge, one of the United States' most photographed Natural Scenic Reserves
    • Stop at Crown Point and look down on the Columbia River atop the remains of a lava flow that swept through the Gorge around 14-17 million years ago
    • Swing by Wahkeena Falls, said to be the most scenic waterfall along the historic highway
    • Enjoy a day of surreal beauty and plenty of waterfalls
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    City Tour and Columbia Gorge Waterfalls Visit

    On this full-day tour, you'll see the best of the Portland area including downtown's Pioneer Square, the famous food carts, eclectic neighborhoods and the beautiful waterfalls of Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. Along the way, learn about Portland's interesting history and modern-day culture from your guide. You'll be picked up from your Portland hotel in the morning and driven through downtown Portland to see sites such as Pioneer Courthouse Square, affectionately known as Portland's 'Living Room,' while learning about the city's history and modern-day culture from your guide.

    Learn about the final resting places of many prominent Oregon citizens, including governors and United States senators. Pass Portland's famous food carts, which sell a diverse range of cuisine, from Vietnamese to Greek to Polish.

    Catch amazing mountain views from beautiful Washington Park. Stop to walk through Pittock Mansion, a French Renaissance château listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and then continue to the Portland International Rose Gardens, where you can discover 550 varieties of roses on a leisurely stroll.

    Explore Portland's vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods such as Nob Hill, the Pearl District, North Mississippi, Alberta, North Portland, Vista Hills and Council Crest.

    Break for lunch (own expense) for an hour in Portland's famous food truck area before continuing to Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, where views of stunning waterfalls await you.

    Your guide will explain how these waterfalls formed: the great flood of Lake Missoula propelled miles and miles of water, ice, rock and mud across eastern Washington, cutting through the Columbia River Gorge and covering the Willamette Valley. You'll see remnants of these geological forces as you explore the area and get up close to sites such as Bridal Veil Falls, Horse Tail Falls and Bonneville Dam. You can also walk up to the bridge that stands beneath Multnomah Falls.

    Your next stop is Crown Point Vista House, a marble-interior home built in 1916 and known for its scenic lookout points along the Historic Columbia River Highway. After your time here, you'll return to Portland.
    City Tour and Columbia Gorge Waterfalls Visit

    Downtown Portland, Portland

    • See all the best sights Portland has to offer on this guided city tour
    • Visit downtown attractions such as Pioneer Courthouse Square and the famous food carts
    • Explore vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods such as Nob Hill and the Pearl District
    • Enjoy views of gorgeous waterfalls at Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area
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    White Salmon River Rafting Half-Day Trip

    Are you rugged, rough and tumble or just a straight-up badass? Prove it. Take a boat out on the Salmon River and take on some of the best class III-IV rapids around. You'll have prime conditions because glaciers of Mt. Adams combined with the immense aquifers in the area, keep the White Salmon raging all summer long! Ride the Maytag, Corner Cave, Grasshopper, and many other famous rapids on this epic endeavor. You'll love the gin-clear water, the fabulous weather and monstrous rapids that make the White Salmon River one of the most exciting half-day river rafting trips in the west. Test your mettle against the river and see how tough you really are.
    White Salmon River Rafting Half-Day Trip

    856 WA-141, White Salmon

    • Ride the White Salmon River, known to locals as one of the best-kept recreation secrets of the Northwest
    • Take advantage of your informative, friendly and professional guide
    • Rip down big, bouncy rapids with many large waves and powerful holes
    • Brave some of the toughest recreational waters available in this adrenaline-fueled adventure
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