Ron Burgundy's Guide to Romance: 5 Date Ideas For a Fun Ron-dezvous

January 24, 2020

Good Day, San Diegans!

So you’ve finally met your Veronica, but you don’t have the jazz flute chops to make them swoon like a hunted possum. Like the great Sisyphus you toil day and night trying to concoct the perfect date, but your plans come crashing down the hill over and over again.

You’re on the verge of giving up. But don’t be out for the count just quite yet! As we all know, romance is French for never give up, because the person you’ve prayed to Venus for is worth it. And you’re going to be the most romantic lover there is.

Don’t fret. Drawing inspiration from the the consummate gentleman and world-class romancer, local legend Ron Burgundy himself, here are 5 date ideas to tickle your date’s fancy.

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    Chinese Dumplings

    No experience necessary - learn from the masters as they teach the basics. Get to know where to find the best ingredients and how to use the ones in your own kitchen!
    Chinese Dumplings

    1551 Fourth Ave, San Diego

    • Master the art of making dumplings
    • Learn how to fold and wrap into different shapes - triangle, crescent, pleated
    • Get to make your own fillings for your steamed dumplings
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    Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones: Old Town Food Tour

    See where it all started! Once a small Spanish mission (the first European settlement in California), San Diego has had a long history. This 2.5-hour walking tour will take you through the oldest part of this history while you enjoy samples from several Old Town restaurants, including one voted Best Mexican Food in San Diego for seven years. You'll visit the gloom of some of the country's oldest graveyards as well as the haunted Whaley house. Good food, good beer and some shivers, what more could you ask for? Exact meeting location is given upon confirmation of booking. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, please notify in advance. Price includes samples of food and drink.
    Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones: Old Town Food Tour

    2220 India St, San Diego

    • Learn about California's birthplace while sampling culinary treats on this walking tour
    • Explore San Diego's oldest part, all the way back to when it was a small Spanish town
    • Sample some of the best Mexican food you will ever eat
    • Besides the fun, experience the gloom of centuries-old cemeteries and a haunted house
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    Doumbek - Middle Eastern Drumming

    The doumbek is a very popular instrument in world music and other genres including avant garde, jazz, and popular music. The name doumbek originates from the Arabic word "darba" which means "to strike." In this class you will practice a variety of drumming techniques such as rolls, snaps, slaps, pops, and more to complete quick, intricate rhythms. You'll learn all about the significance of this style of music and the cultures that it originated from. Appreciate a different culture, improve your drumming skills, and have a ton of fun moving to the infectious beats!
    Doumbek - Middle Eastern Drumming

    WorldBeat Cultural Center, San Diego

    • Learn the art of Middle Eastern Drumming using a Doumbek drum from a skilled instructor
    • Practice different drumming techniques including rolls, snaps, slaps, pops, and more
    • Appreciate a unique culture and learn all about the significance of this music
    • Improve your drumming skills, no matter what level you're at
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    GoCar (San Diego Harbor and Gaslamp Quarter)

    Are you wondering how you are going to see everything this city has to offer in just one trip? Well, if there was ever a right way to do it, it is in a GoCar! A GoCar is a zippy two-seater that is fun and easy to drive. It is not only capable of GPS navigation, telling you when to turn, but will also tell you stories the whole way to make it a guided learning experience! What better way is there than a GoCar to take in Downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego?
    GoCar (San Diego Harbor and Gaslamp Quarter)

    3918 Mason St, San Diego

    • Turn heads as you take a tour of Downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp Quarter in a zippy GoCar
    • Easy to drive and GPS-guided, but it doesn't just tell you where to turn it also tells you stories that bring the city to life
    • Start off from Little Italy and drive past the maritime history museum, the USS Midway, and into the Seaport Village
    • Drive on past Horton Plaza with a quick loop around the Home of San Diego Padres and on to the Gaslamp Quarter.
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    Archery Basics

    Have you ever noticed that when Katniss Everdeen picks up that bow and arrow, there's just something about her that looks, well, awesome? While The Hunger Games (fortunately) don't exist, you can get your opportunity to look just as cool as Katniss by trying out the fun sport of archery in this basic class. This course is taught by the company's very own archery pros who will help you choose your very own equipment to find what best suits you. The 7,500 square foot facility is big enough to hold its own Hunger Games (don't tell The Capitol that, please). Come join fellow curious students in these informative and entertaining sessions. With enough practice, soon you could give Katniss a run for her money!
    Archery Basics

    8665 Miralani Dr, San Diego

    • Learn essential archery skills that can help you in both competition and survival situations
    • Fulfill your desires of taking on a new, fun sport while simultaneously greatly increasing your likelihood of wilderness survival
    • Expand your athletic horizons with this amusing and invigorating sport
    • Meet new friends in a warm and welcoming environment
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    19 positive reviews
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    Introductory Flight Lesson (2 hr)

    Look, in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's you, flying your own aircraft! In this one hour introductory course, you'll learn the basics of aviation from a professional instructor as you prepare to take to the sky. With a 60 minute ground lesson to get you versed in the world of aviation, you'll learn the fundamentals of flying and how to control your aircraft. Then it's off to the pilot's seat as you soar into the skies of San Diego for 60 minutes and discover what it feels like to maneuver a plane in the open air. Whether you're new to flying or rekindling an old passion, this lesson is suited for all levels.
    Introductory Flight Lesson (2 hr)

    3717 John J Montgomery Dr, San Diego

    • Receive an in-depth lesson on how to fly and control an airplane
    • Build your knowledge through ground instruction before taking to the air
    • Man the aircraft for a full hour as you soar through the skies of San Diego
    • Explore your passion for aviation
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