Seattle is Bringing Sexy Back

August 8, 2016

Rain, it might, but the dark and gloomy weather never suppresses the Seattle spirit. After all, they still manage to have the highest number of sunglass purchases in America (fun fact!).

These Birkenstock-wearing hippies know how to have fun regardless of the elements -- and they live in a city full of the hottest up-and-coming date activities out there. With miles full of shoreline, this fast growing city leaves locals and tourists alike with days full of opportunity. So make the most of it -- this city sure knows how to set the mood.

Seattle is bringing sexy back -- here’s how to get involved.

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    Secret Office Escape Room

    Golf. Oscar. Lima. Delta. What does that spell? GOLD. Join the spy speak and crack the code during this incredible escape room experience! You and your friends will travel back in time and become secret agents on a mission to take back a stolen gold bar from a secret office. You'll utilize critical thinking, creative problem solving, and logical skills to solve the room's riddles and make it out -- before it's too late! Recruit your cleverest friends and put your spy skills to the test. This puzzle is so difficult even a true detective will have trouble finding it! And why is the office so secret, you ask? Well, you'll just have to find out for yourself.
    Secret Office Escape Room

    915B E Pine St, Seattle

    • Travel back in time and become a secret agent
    • Search an office for a bar of gold, but leave enough time to escape from the room!
    • Find evidence and figure out 11 riddles, with the help of your teammates
    • Challenge yourself to solve the mystery and escape from the office in only 60 minutes!
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    Think you’re a laugh a minute? Put your comedic skills to the test during this open-mic event at the Tacoma Comedy Club! The open-mic experience is a rite of passage for any aspiring comedian, helping to build confidence and provide the opportunity to put material to the test. Contact Tacoma Comedy Club prior to the month you want to perform and get on the list! Or if you just prefer to watch, this is a great chance to discover new comic talents and watch some of the old pros hone their jokes. Better yet, it's happy hour all night! So even if the comedians are terrible, you might find yourself laughing anyway!

    933 Market St, Tacoma

    • Hit up one of the hottest open-mic events for comedians in the Tacoma area
    • Sign up to build your confidence and put your comedic skills to the test
    • Laugh your face off as new comedians and experienced performers take the stage
    • Add a little extra levity to the experience with happy hour drinks from the bar
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