5 San Fran Dates You Knew Were Cool Before Anyone Else

January 11, 2020

San Francisco: the happy, hill-y, hipster hub of the nation. Home to hybrid cars, endless bikers, and loads of beanies, every bend and mountainous rise in pavement is full of culture and character.

But the hipster scene can be tough -- with so many people out there trying to to forge their own path, even the artsiest of artsy things can slip into becoming the dreaded “mainstream.” There can only be so many hoodie-wearing, camera bearing people walking around on the street before it just becomes commonplace.

But don’t let this be true for the SF dating scene. Sure, a sail on the Bay or a hike through the woods might seem like an “out of the box” idea at first, but trust us, every entrepreneur-techy-startup person in SF -- and there are a ton of them -- has been there, done that.

Relationships are hard, especially in San Fran where the these techy types like to spend more time coding and building businesses than building relationships. But with the right date, you’ll find the right boo thang in no time. So let us help you with a list of dates you can claim you knew were cool before anyone else. Sayonara, San Fran Bay sail.

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    Russian River Kayak Tour

    Looking for a break from all that wine tasting? This guided kayaking paddle down the Russian River ought to prove just as intoxicating, and a little easier on the head! You'll paddle a scenic stretch of the river that includes several Class 1 rapids, easy to navigate for all ability levels! These rapids add a little splash of excitement to the journey, perfectly paired with the lulling effects of the beautiful landscapes along either bank. You'll pass by vaunted vineyards, meadows, and Redwood forests! You'll also have the chance for a quick dip at several spots along the way, and enjoy a riverside picnic lunch. A typical menu might include yummy sandwiches, pasta salad, local organic greens, seasonal fruit, and -- of course -- dessert! After this little joy ride, you're going to need a glass of wine.
    Russian River Kayak Tour

    13839 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg

    • Indulge in a guided kayaking excursion as you paddle down the Russian River
    • Take in stunning vineyards and rolling hills along the way
    • Stop at a riverside beach to swim and devour in a delicious lunch
    • Enjoy a low-maintenance adventure that includes easy Class 1 rapids
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    Pencil, Charcoal, and Conte Drawing (2Hr)

    The pen may be mightier than the sword, but a picture is worth a thousand words! This professional 2-hour drawing workshop is your chance to add to your creative arsenal that's sure to conquer hearts and minds! You'll be developing your drawing techniques in a laidback arts studio, as you learn to use the standard supplies of pencil, charcoal, and conte to creative vivid works. Under the guidance of a professional artist, you'll build your understanding of elements like value and contrast and get personalized instruction to take your drawing ability to the next level. Using plaster molds and live models, you'll also be getting hands-on experience in developing your understanding of proportion and anatomy. If you have artistic aspirations, this is your chance to get things in line!
    Pencil, Charcoal, and Conte Drawing (2Hr)

    28 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo

    • Develop your sketching skills under the guidance of a professional artist in a low-key, social, 2-hour drawing class
    • Enhance your understanding of essential drawing techniques, such as shadow, contrast, proportion, and more
    • Work with plaster molds or live models to refine your ability to create lifelike works
    • Unleash your artistic side and create your next masterpiece in an inspirational studio environment
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    Thai Cooking

    Do you ever get that insatiable craving that nothing else but Thai food can satisfy? During this three hour class, any Thai lovers dream, you will learn simple and practical Thai meal preparation to recreate great tasting food right at home! Go over the best local markets to purchase fresh ingredients, as well as the top brands for Thai spices, vegetables, rice, and other ingredients. Get experience chopping, peeling, and mixing a variety of ingredients for a few separate dishes. And of course, no Thai cooking class would be complete without a crash course of rice and noodle cooking! Practice your wok skills, adding the spices and ingredients in the correct sequence and time. The best part? At the end of the class, you'll get to enjoy a sit down meal, and savor the fruits of your labor!
    Thai Cooking

    439 Guerrero St, San Francisco

    • Learn practical and flavorful Thai meal preparation
    • Get experience chopping, peeling, and mixing a variety of ingredients
    • Uncover the best local markets to purchase fresh ingredients, as well as the top brands for Thai spices
    • At the end of the class, sit down to enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor
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    2 positive reviews
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    Single Solo Hillside Hang Gliding Lesson

    Feel the wind on your face as you discover the fun of hang gliding with a solo lesson! Your expert instructors will teach you the basics, so you can freely explore the sky. You'll learn to navigate and keep your glider stable as you enjoy magnificent views around the town of Tres Pinos. Prior experience is not needed, as you will pick up on all the safety rules during an orientation session. You do not even have to worry about the gear - everything is provided during the lesson. It's time to hit the friendly skies!
    Single Solo Hillside Hang Gliding Lesson

    531 Quien Sabe Rd , Tres Pinos

    • Enjoy introductory training flights in this fun hang gliding class
    • Discover the fun of multiple low-level solo flights
    • Soar into the sky with hang gliding experts
    • Learn to love the air more than the ground
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    1 positive reviews
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    Terrarium Class

    Hanging globe terrariums are a very popular decoration right now, but you don't just want to buy one, you want to make your own! In this class you will learn all about the ins and outs of creating a terrarium."¨"¨ You will acquire useful knowledge about succulent plants including care for, maintenance, propagation and transplanting. Then you will plant a 5" hanging globe terrarium utilizing an array of 2" plants that you will get to choose from. You will decorate using a huge variety of mosses, pebbles, sands, and tumbled glass. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty in this hands on class!
    Terrarium Class

    402 Cortland Ave, Bernal heights, San Francisco

    • Learn all about terrariums, the ins and outs of creating them, and then create your own
    • Become versed about succulent plants including care, maintenance, propagation, and transplanting
    • Get your hands dirty as you plant a 5" hanging globe terrarium of your own
    • Understand new tools and techniques, so you can make your own vertical garden wherever you want
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    Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Guided Bike Tour-Electric Bike

    New to San Francisco and don't know where to go? Or maybe you've always lived in the city, but never had the time to explore. True to the Californian nature of going green, hop on a bike and take this iconic tour through SF! You will start in Fisherman's Wharf, one of the only true ones left in America. As you cycle along the coast, keep your eyes peeled for sea lions, dolphins, and military forts, as well as some of San Francisco's most elegant neighborhoods! Then you'll bike over to the Golden Gate Bridge, where -- no shame! -- you can be as touristy as you want. Past the bridge your last stop will be quaint Sausalito, a small waterside city just outside of San Francisco. So what are you waiting for? The beautiful coastline awaits!
    Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Guided Bike Tour-Electric Bike

    2661 Taylor Street, San Francisco

    • Take a guided tour of iconic landmarks in San Francisco on an A2B Ferber electric bike
    • Cycle along the coast starting from Fisherman's Wharf, where you'll take in the ocean breeze with the sound of barking sea lions in the background
    • Take memorable photos at the Golden Gate Bridge, the most popular tourist destination in the city
    • Finally, marvel at the San Francisco skyline from the beauty of Sausalito's streets
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