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Rage with Nicolas Cage: 5 Date Ideas for You and Your Nationally Treasured Bae

January 24, 2020

You’re in the capital city.  Home to monuments, history, politics, news, and those cherry blossom trees that everyone freaks out about -- it’s the place to BE. But are you feeling (red, white, and) blue about your DC dating life? Did the National Postal Museum fail to make any of the 5 dates you brought there weak in the knees?

While we applaud your consistency and perseverance, it seems you may have forgotten the most exciting fact about this buzzing capital. Let us help. 2 words. 11 letters.  

N I C O L A S    C A G E

Forget the founding fathers, this hero brought us to tears in his cinematic search for the National Treasure. Hearts pumping, eyes twitching, tensions rising -- everyone who’s anyone felt this as they watched Nic Cage, legend that he is, follow clue after clue to steal the Declaration of Independence and find the lost National Treasure of the Knights Templar. And guess what? He got the girl at the end. This dude pulls.

So take a page from Cage. Enough with the museums and monuments, it’s time to show your bae you’re capable of more than naming the date of the world’s first postage stamp. It's time for you to steal your own National Treasure -- bae's heart, that is. With these date ideas as your guide, you're sure to become the newest Saint Nicolas of DC.  

Well. It’s a stretch.  But hey you might as well train for the occasion. You never know, right?  And what better way to cozy up to your date than during the thrill of a fun mission.

We can’t all be Nic Cage, but by God we can try.  

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    Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding (Key Bridge)

    SUP. No, not the friendly and informal greeting, short for "What's up?" -- the sport! Experience a fun and exciting day out on the water learning how to SUP, or Stand-Up Paddleboard. During this 75 minute absolute beginners class, develop a greater understanding of water safety, as well as fundamental SUP techniques like how to launch and dock, how to stand and balance on the board, proper stroke form, and all the necessary details in between. With the help of seasoned instructors, who have spent years in Australia, Hawaii and California learning the fine art of Stand-Up Paddleboarding, you'll be out surfing down the Potomac in no time!
    Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding (Key Bridge)

    3500 Water St NW, Washington

    • Experience an exciting day out on the water learning how to Stand-Up Paddleboard
    • Develop an understanding of water safety, launching, docking, standing, and balancing
    • No experience necessary
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    11 positive reviews
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    Mud & Merlot: Vases

    Have you ever wanted to make your own unique and personalized vase? This class will walk you through the basics necessary to craft the perfect vessel. Along with the activity of making vases, you will also have a choice of Merlot, white wine, and soda as refreshments to help you loosen up. You are invited to bring individual items like leaves, cloths, and personal memorabilia as add-ons to incorporate into your work. Come let your creativity be inspired while making a vase that you can cherish and be proud of!
    Mud & Merlot: Vases

    155 Gibbs St, Rockville

    • Create your own vase and learn the techniques to make your own masterpiece
    • Enjoy a variety of beverages to help you loosen up and have a relaxing and fun time
    • Include your own unique items, materials, and memorabilia into your vase as add-ons
    • Make a vase that is unique and the result of your own artistic vision
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    17 positive reviews
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    Discover Scuba

    Are you curious about scuba diving, but just aren't sure if it's for you? This class is for beginners who aren't ready to commit to scuba, but are more than ready to test the waters. You'll be taught the basics that will give you a feel for scuba techniques and practices. This lesson will also lay the groundwork for any future scuba training you may indulge in. Expect to learn how to use proper equipment in a shallow pool environment and get a quick and easy introduction into what it takes to explore the underwater world. You may find yourself loving scuba, and even decide you want to pursue a certification in it!
    Discover Scuba

    4600 N Park Ave., Chevy Chase

    • Participate in a scuba diving program and gain insight on scuba techniques and fundamentals
    • Learn basic skills such as how to use necessary equipment and how to explore the water properly
    • Train in a shallow pool environment conducive for learning with high quality equipment and effective training
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    1 positive reviews
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    Intro to Improv Workshop

    If you've ever watched an episode of Saturday Night Live and thought "Oh yeah, I could definitely do that," then this class is for you. Improv has served as the foundation for some of the best comedic actors and writers in history, but it's also enjoyed by those just looking to open up and explore a new level of creativity. In this class, you'll work with people from all walks of life to develop the foundational skills of improv through hands-on methods. You'll incorporate both your mind and body as you practice techniques led by professional instructors. Just imagine a lawyer and actress sharing a scene together. Pretty great, right? Now imagine yourself in the mix, pushing your courage to a new level and channeling your creativity. Go on, let your inner drama king/queen out. Who knows where it will lead you.
    Intro to Improv Workshop

    1420 Columbia Road NW, Washington

    • Experience the excitement of improv by hitting the stage
    • Learn new skills and improve self-confidence with help from theater professionals
    • Join fellow improv lovers from all walks of life
    • Explore a new level of courage as you let your creativity shine
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    Graffiti Class

    Curious about street art? Fancy yourself the next Banksy? Come explore graffiti and street art in this hands-on class; a time to create, to be free, and to play. Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms to create collaborative murals with friends and other artists. This class is great for anyone intrigued by personal expression, visual art, shape, graffiti art, painting, airbrushing, cartoons, comics, color, and abstract forms. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with this fun new art form!
    Graffiti Class

    3305 8th St NE, Washington

    • Come explore the basics of graffiti and street art in this creative hands-on class
    • Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms
    • Express your creativity as you develop new skills and create new memories
    • Experience graffiti with friends, family, colleagues and other artists
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    Cuban Salsa (Online)

    Is it hot in here, or is that just you? Turn up the heat at this spicy salsa class! Cuban Salsa is a group form of Salsa dancing with moves that can also be done in one on one social dancing. It's joyful movement, great exercise, and a good way to meet new people. The class is friendly and the moves are skillfully taught. Come by and learn what it means to bailar!
    Cuban Salsa (Online)

    5671 Western Ave NW, Washington

    • Learn the counts and steps of Cuban Salsa, a fun dance done to Latin music
    • Pair up with a partner to spice up your dance moves
    • Get a great workout while improving your confidence and overall fitness
    • No experience necessary
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    13 positive reviews

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