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Looking for Love: Miami Date Night Inspired by The Bachelorette

January 24, 2020

Your nose starts twitching. Your eyes begin watering. There is a tingle in your hands and feet.  Something is different -- you can smell it, taste it, even. It’s a sensation, an essence, a vibe, if you will.    

Something. Has. Changed.

Yup, you guessed it, that’s LOVE you feel in the air, Floridians. And you know what that means.  

It’s time for ABC’s The Bachelorette to begin once again.  

Cue the drama, the tears, the betrayals, the love (this one’s questionable), and definitely, DEFINITELY, cue the booze.  

Maybe you love The Bachelorette and have been counting down the days until season 12 aired on May 23rd, or maybe you think there is a strong negative correlation between the minutes a person has been watching the show and the amount of brain cells still remaining in their cerebral cortex.  

Either way, there’s one thing these contestants are undoubtedly good at: turning love into a drinking game.

Together, alone, too much: these people are the kings and queens at getting their fix of liquid courage and cozying up with new dates. So get inspired by the Bachelorette pros and explore Miami date night through rosé tinted glasses.

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    Night Paddle Tour

    If you are among the millions of people that have taken a liking for paddleboarding -- this will surely excite you! Scratch that, this will blow your mind. It is, wait for it -- Paddleboarding at night! Stand on your board or hop in your kayak, both equipped with LED lights, and shine light on the dark waters. Watch the ocean floor of Ibis Bay come alive as you paddle above the crystal clear ocean. Admire the creatures of night as they come out and play such as lobsters, crabs, colorful sponges and tons of tropical fish. We guarantee, your eyes will be locked on the underwater world.
    Night Paddle Tour

    3101 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West

    • Paddle away after dark and experience paddleboarding or kayaking in a whole new way
    • Explore the beautiful underwater world in a way you normally wouldn't be able to do
    • Hop on your LED paddle board or LED Illuminated clear bottom kayak 15-30 minutes after sunset and embark on this 1.5 hour nightly journey
    • Enjoy the waters and all it has to offer even at night
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    Miami by Night Flying Tour

    So you just spent your day wading in the water, the sun has set, and now it's time to leave the beach. What should you do for the night? Take to the sky with this 60-minute narrated air tour. You'll gain a new perspective as you soar over the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay and see the neon glow of South Beach's art deco lights. Learn more about Miami as your pilot fills you in with interesting and informative facts about your surroundings. You'll be amazed how much more there is to this magical city than just its sandy shores.
    Miami by Night Flying Tour

    1602 SW 77th Ave, Pembroke Pines

    • Soar over the moonlit Miami skyline and sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay
    • Let your pilot provide informative narration as you take in the aerial views
    • Capture sights of the neon lights of South Beach and Ocean Avenue
    • Enjoy the beauty of Miami from a new perspective
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    Schooner America 2.0 Sunset Sail

    Champagne at sunset? Sort of romantic. Champagne at sunset while sailing around Key West for two hours while your brain soaks in a puddle of dreaminess? Now you're talking, Casanova. Embark aboard a 105-foot, 19th-century replica schooner designed for one thing and one thing only: indulgence. Toast your whimsical nature with complimentary champagne, wine, and beer, and nibble thoughtfully on cheese, crackers, and succulent shrimp. Watch as horizon lights up with the evening, and make a wish on the night's first star. Along the way, you'll catch sight of Fort Zachary Taylor, Sand Key Lighthouse, Mallory Square, and Sunset Pier. Make sure to keep an eye out for dolphins, sea turtles, and waterbirds. Bring your friends, your family, or your significant other for an evening to remember. You owe it to yourself to go overboard once in awhile. But not literally "overboard." That'd just put a damper on the whole affair.
    Schooner America 2.0 Sunset Sail

    202 William St, Key West

    • Enjoy a sunset cruise aboard a 105-foot, 19th-century replica schooner
    • Sail around Key West for views of various landmarks and sealife
    • Bring a picnic and enjoy complimentary adult beverages
    • Relax with the wind in your hair during a laidback, social sail
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    Afternoon Sailing Excursion

    Take the day off to soak up the sun on The Afternoon Half Day Excursion. You'll set sail on a traditionally-styled, sixty-five foot schooner that will take you through the shallow waters of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. Get up close with the tropical fish and wildlife as you snorkel and kayak through coral patch reefs and mangrove canopies. After building up an appetite, snack on some fresh, tropical fruit. You'll get the full Key West experience in just a few hours with this once and a lifetime excursion. Don't forget the sunscreen!
    Afternoon Sailing Excursion

    255 Front St, Key West

    • Help raise the sails on a luxurious 65 ft schooner in tropical waters
    • Snorkel past pristine sponge gardens and isolated boulder corals patch reefs
    • Adventure around the mangrove canopy to spot a variety of bird and marine life
    • Take in all the beautiful scenery around you as the sun sparkles off the water
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