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— Date Night
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    Sunset Evening Kayaking on the Sound

    Since the beginning of time, sunsets have made mankind feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unwind on a casual paddle through the historic Puget Sound during sunset, a sight for sore eyes. Relax, enjoy the salty breeze, and soak up the last rays of vitamin D. Watch the sun drift off behind the jagged peaks of the Olympic Mountains while seals play and sea lions lounge before they retire for the day. Whether you're planning a date night with a loved one, or simply looking for a quiet getaway from the bustle of the shore, this tour is for you!
    Sunset Evening Kayaking on the Sound

    7901 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle

    • Indulge in a serene evening paddle through the Puget Sound
    • Enjoy the breathtaking sunset and local wildlife sightings
    • A knowledgeable guide will lead you into the peaceful waters
    • An ethereal date night option
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    Intro to Sailing

    Man the mainsail! Look starboard! Take the helm! Do you have absolutely no idea what these terms mean? If you don't, then this class is for you. Take a 2-hour introductory sailing course with certified instructors and get a taste of life at sea. You'll head out on a large keelboat and learn new terminology as you observe sailors in action. Ask questions and discover the secrets to a smooth ride as you enjoy the fresh ocean air. Whether you're looking to embark on a long-term adventure with sailing or simply want to satisfy your curiosity about the sport, this class provides an excellent foundation while also ensuring a fun experience.
    Intro to Sailing

    7001 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle

    • Introduce yourself to the sport of sailing with a 2-hour foundational class
    • Experience the opportunity to learn from certified instructors
    • Increase your sailor vocabulary and watch as your captain steers the vessel
    • Enjoy a day out to sea in Seattle as you discover a new sport
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    3 Hour Day Sail

    Ahoy, matey. Kick your feet up and relax as you set sail aboard a gorgeous boat for a three-hour sunset adventure. Or, spend your time on board learning the ropes on sailing. From the water, witness stunning sights like the Space Needle and the Olympic Mountains from a totally new vantage point. As waves lap against the boat and you look up at the expanse of beautiful, melting colors, you won't help but fall in love with the city of Seattle. So sip on your cocktail and take in the beauty before your time is up and you have to say land ho!
    3 Hour Day Sail

    1341 N Northlake way, Seattle

    • Enjoy a leisurely 3-hour sail boat tour embarking from the Shilshole Bay Marina
    • See spectacular sights such as the Olympic Mountains, The Space Needle, Downtown Seattle, and The Great Wheel
    • Watch playful sea creatures such as seals, sea lions, and on rare occasions, Humpback and Orca whales!
    • Experience 3 hours of complete rest and relaxation as you witness what makes the Northwest so special
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    Sightseeing & Cocktail Cruise

    Ahoy, matey. Kick your feet up and relax as you set sail aboard a gorgeous boat for a two-hour adventure. From the water, cover portions of Lake Union and see stunning sights like the Space Needle and Fremont Bridge from a totally new vantage point. As waves lap against the boat and you immerse yourself amongst the great outdoors, you won't help but fall in love with the city of Seattle. So sip on your cocktail and take in the beauty before your time is up and you have to say land ho!
    Sightseeing & Cocktail Cruise

    1341 N Northlake way , Seattle

    • Enjoy a leisurely 2-hour tour around Lake Union with friends or family
    • See famous sights such as the Space Needle, Gas Works Park, The Fremont Bridge, and St. Mark's Cathedral
    • Check out the fantastic view of the UW campus and football stadium
    • Experience 2 hours of complete rest and relaxation!
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    Think you're a laugh a minute? Put your comedic skills to the test during this open-mic event at the Tacoma Comedy Club! The open-mic experience is a rite of passage for any aspiring comedian, helping to build confidence and provide the opportunity to put material to the test. Contact Tacoma Comedy Club prior to the month you want to perform and get on the list! Or if you just prefer to watch, this is a great chance to discover new comic talents and watch some of the old pros hone their jokes. Better yet, it's happy hour all night! So even if the comedians are terrible, you might find yourself laughing anyway!

    933 Market St, Tacoma

    • Hit up one of the hottest open-mic events for comedians in the Tacoma area
    • Sign up to build your confidence and put your comedic skills to the test
    • Laugh your face off as new comedians and experienced performers take the stage
    • Add a little extra levity to the experience with happy hour drinks from the bar
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    Tango Happy Hour

    Tango is the ultimate icebreaker. Whether you're silly, awkward, confident or supremely coordinated it's all fun at Tango Happy Hour! You'll start the class with a one hour lesson going over the basic steps and turns of the dance, so don't worry if you've never done it before. Then the fun really begins. Find new lifelong friends or just a few hilarious people to hang out with for the night. You'll even be able to pick up techniques from other dancers. Whatever you do, relax and have fun!
    Tango Happy Hour

    ORFEO, 2107 3rd Ave, Seattle

    • Discover the basics of Argentinian Tango in a social dance setting
    • See how to connect with you partner and move as one
    • Meet new people in a casual, relaxed but very dance-y environment
    • No experience necessary
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