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    Gallery Heist Room Escape (Evening)

    DC is under the scourge of a notorious art thief. As luck would have it, you happen to be a quick-thinking detective with a keen eye for observation. At least for 45 minutes. This interactive experience puts you in a room with a small team of fellow detectives, where you'll need to examine various works of art to locate clues and decipher puzzles using what you've found. If you can successfully complete this challenge, you'll find way into a locked safe, recover the artwork, and capture the culprit. But you've got a limited time frame in which to get the job done, meaning you've not only got to bring your critical thinking skills, but you've also got to work together with the others in the room. The fate of the art world is in your hands! More importantly, you could win a prize.
    Gallery Heist Room Escape (Evening)

    720 I St SE, Washington

    • Immerse yourself in an interactive game in which you play a detective trying to capture an art thief
    • Exercise your critical thinking skills to piece together abstract clues in order to solve the mystery
    • Work with a small team to better your odds of completing the task within the allotted time
    • Feel the rush of urgency as you race against the clock to win the game
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    Sunset Dinner Cruise with Buffet

    Board this sleek, five-deck, luxury cruise ship and cruise for a fun night of dinner, dancing and sightseeing in Washington DC. As you journey down the waters of the Potomac River, you'll be treated to Washington DC's magnificent sunset views.

    Enjoy the all-you-can-eat, fine-dining buffet in an elegant dining room while being entertained by a cabaret performance captivates of song, dance and comedy.

    After dinner, feel free to wander the ship's decks and take a romantic stroll to enjoy more of the twinkling DC skyline. Or hit the dance floor as the DJ spins your favorite songs. Along the way, you'll pass by Washington DC's popular attractions like the Washington Monument, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, the Admiral's Row colonial town homes and more.

    Bring your camera -- the views on this Washington DC sunset cruise are not to be missed.
    Sunset Dinner Cruise with Buffet

    600 Water St SW, Washington DC

    • Enjoy a luxury cruise out on the Potomac River for a delicious buffet style dinner
    • Look out onto the horizon and see the sun set and create magnificent views
    • Listen to a DJ play your favorite songs as you enjoy the interior of the ship
    • Wander the ship's decks and take a romantic stroll to enjoy more of the twinkling DC skyline
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    Date Night Pottery Workshop

    Go ahead, get a little dirty during your next date night. Sometimes date night needs something a little more creative than dinner and a movie. Come along for an evening of romance with a pottery workshop! This program will consist of creating simple projects with walk-through instruction, either by using the pottery wheel or hand building method. The piece you work on will be bisque-fired by the studio after you've finished with it, and after a week, you'll be able to pick it up. Once it's all finalized, you can come back to the studio to glaze it. It's a fun and artistic experience where you can have a great time working on a unique project with your date. Plus, you'll have your finished project to keep as a memory!
    Date Night Pottery Workshop

    11215 Lee Hwy Suite N., Fairfax

    • Indulge in an exciting pottery workshop and learn pottery wheel basics or hand building techniques
    • Create your own projects with instruction and perfect your pottery masterpiece
    • Bring variety to date night with plenty of memories and pretty creations
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    Harold Night! (Improv Show)

    Not so great at thinking on your feet? No problem! Experience a demonstration, celebration, and experiment in the world-famous improv long-form style called "Harold." As a member of the audience, you'll get the chance to interact with the cast and provide them with suggestions, which they'll then explore through a series of scenes and games. Be amazed at the themes that emerge as talented Harold teams bring your own ideas to life right before your eyes. The best part? Every Harold Night ends with a free jam where you can give improv a try side by side with experienced players!
    Harold Night! (Improv Show)

    1835 14th St NW, Washington

    • Enjoy a night of improvised comedy at a show filled with laughter and surprises
    • Be prepared to engage with a cast of talented actors as they bring your ideas to life on stage
    • Marvel as disjointed ideas come together to form one seamless act
    • Try your own hand at improv on stage with the actors at the show's end
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    Intro to Improv Workshop

    If you've ever watched an episode of Saturday Night Live and thought "Oh yeah, I could definitely do that," then this class is for you. Improv has served as the foundation for some of the best comedic actors and writers in history, but it's also enjoyed by those just looking to open up and explore a new level of creativity. In this class, you'll work with people from all walks of life to develop the foundational skills of improv through hands-on methods. You'll incorporate both your mind and body as you practice techniques led by professional instructors. Just imagine a lawyer and actress sharing a scene together. Pretty great, right? Now imagine yourself in the mix, pushing your courage to a new level and channeling your creativity. Go on, let your inner drama king/queen out. Who knows where it will lead you.
    Intro to Improv Workshop

    1420 Columbia Road NW, Washington

    • Experience the excitement of improv by hitting the stage
    • Learn new skills and improve self-confidence with help from theater professionals
    • Join fellow improv lovers from all walks of life
    • Explore a new level of courage as you let your creativity shine
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    Tap Dancing

    Got happy feet? Well then teach 'em how to dance at this dynamic and percussive beginners tap class! Focusing on tap rhythms, styles, and executions, this class will teach you the basic footwork behind tap dancing such as shuffles, hops, steps, and ball-changes so you'll be able to choreograph your own routines in no time. Using syncopation and beat count, feel the energy and become more comfortable and expressive in your steps. Tap your feet to the tune of a great time!
    Tap Dancing

    2499 N Harrison St, Arlington

    • Master the essential footwork techniques of tap dancing
    • Practice and train with basic tap dance moves like shuffling, hopping, and stepping
    • Integrate more complex dance steps to your routine to create a vibrant and loud performance
    • Get a great workout while improving your strength, body awareness, and balance
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