Guided Meditative Dance

What to expect
  • Experience a gentle guided meditation built around awareness of the body
  • Engage in a form of dance designed to bring emotional balance and mental clarity
  • Enjoy the physical health benefits of a low-impact aerobic dance
  • Practice in a vibrant environment designed to support your wellbeing
Buddha might have found enlightenment hanging out under a tree. But who has time to sit around all day? Partake in this unique combination of meditation and therapeutic movement designed to spread joy throughout the body and mind.

Each session commences with a guided meditation meant to encourage mindful awareness of the body and set positive intentions. Then, following a relaxing stretch, the dance instructor will lead you through a session of freeform dance set to soft and inspiring beats. The choreography is kept simple so that you can participate regardless of your dance background. As you participate in the flowing motions of the routine, you'll begin to find your body relaxing and awakening, and your emotional center moving towards positive balance.

The benefits of this class extend beyond the studio, helping to bring focus and engender a positive outlook. Don't think. Dance.
Key Highlights
Price $14.00 per guest
Duration / Session 75 min
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales final.

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