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    Cocktail & Spirits Tasting (Best of Denver)

    Centennial Tours
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." - Mark Twain When in doubt, trust Twain. That's what we always say. On this bibulous blast of a tour, you'll get an inside look at Rising Sun distillery and learn the best way to enjoy its products. During the tour, you'll learn the proper way to taste craft bourbon, vodka, gin and more! Even if you don't like drinking straight spirits, you have the option to switch out your samples for delicious cocktails. You can't go wrong! Book it now, what do you have to booze? I mean -- lose?
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    Basic Pistol Class

    Fixed Sight Training
    In this 4 hour class perfect for the beginning shooter, you'll learn the fundamental techniques for shooting and safely carrying your pistol. Your professional instructor will teach you about the names and purposes of your pistol's components as well as important safety information. Then, it's on to the shooting as you develop basic skills such as grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger control. You'll practice both sight shooting and point shooting, first getting used to alignment and trigger pull before moving on to a faster and more accurate style. At the end of a successful class, you'll be given a certificate of training that can be used to apply for your CCW permit.
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