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    Chocolate Tempering with Michael Dunn

    Are you loco for cocoa? Think candy is dandy? Then you might want to check out this artisanal class featuring yummy chocolate and the art of tempering. Tempering chocolate is the secret to producing professional looking candies, giving it that smooth, silky look, and oh-so-satisfying “snap.” You'll be working hands-on during this class under the guidance of a professional chocolatier, so that by the end of the session, you'll be able to create beautiful chocolate pieces all on your own. There are no losers in this class. Except for maybe the Easter Bunny, who might be out of a job.
    Chocolate Tempering with Michael Dunn

    1021 Detroit Ave, Concord

    • Learn to form and mold chocolate to produce gourmet candies just like a professional
    • Master tempering techniques under the instruction of acclaimed chocolatier Michael Dunn
    • Walk away from class with some delicious tempered confections, and the skills to produce more
    • Enjoy mastering an artisanal skill that will satisfy sweet tooths for years to come
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