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    Science of Alcohol Tour

    She BLINDED me, with SCIence! Don't pretend like you don't know the song. Ever wonder why Thomas Dolby said "science "instead of" alcohol"? Maybe because alcohol IS science, by some transitive property. But enough about one-hit wonders. Let's talk liquor. Get ready to learn all about how CH makes Vodka, Gin and lots of other spirits from locally-grown grains. This tour includes "The Tradition", a special take on the classic Russian way to drink vodka: ice cold CH Vodka, with rye bread and pickles. Time Out Chicago included The Tradition on their list of "The 100 Best Things We Ate and Drank" (www.chdistillery.com/press) and it's the perfect way to wrap up the tour of this beautiful Vodka distillery! Just remember Newton's Third Law of Motion, paraphrased as "drink responsibly!"
    Science of Alcohol Tour

    564 W Randolph St, Chicago

    • Learn all about how CH makes vodka, gin, and loads of other spirits from locally-grown grains
    • Experience "The Tradition", CH's take on the Russian way to drink vodka: ice cold CH vodka with rye bread and pickles
    • Tour a beautiful and mesmerizing vodka distillery unlike any other
    • Meet other alcohol enthusiasts who are just as eager to broaden their knowledge of the craft as you are!
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    Lakeview and Lincoln Park Beer Tour

    So, of course you don't need a tour of beers, you're already the expert there. But do you need a tour of Lakeview and Lincoln Park Beers? Probably. Kick this walking tour off at a local watering hole, where you'll meet your guide and enjoy your first beer tasting of the day. Then continue the tour around the Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods, making your way to other locally-owned, off-the-beaten-path establishments. As you walk, you'll hear plenty of stories from your insider guide about Chicago's long history of brewing beer. Along the way, you'll pop into an Irish pub for a creamy pint of Guinness pulled just right by an expert barkeep. Head over to a beer-and-bacon bar to savor a variety of crispy bacon treats paired with your beer tasting. Meet the owner of a specialty beer and wine store, and hear about how he handpicks his collection. And stop by a microbrew pub before walking into a punk rock bar that was established before Prohibition and is known today for its eclectic beer selection and whiskeys. You'll also have the chance to watch a home-brewing demonstration, learning about different beer styles as you take in the aromatic hops and barley. When your tour ends, you'll have plenty of new knowledge about some of Chicago's best places to find a great pint. Whether you're an expert or not, you're going to love this tour. Why? Because, beer.
    Lakeview and Lincoln Park Beer Tour

    Harrigan's, Chicago

    • Sip your way through Lakeview and Lincoln Park's best beers on a 3-hour walking tour of 2 iconic Chicago neighborhoods
    • Follow your guide to a series of bars and breweries for flights of regional craft brews
    • Raise a glass as you learn how Chicago's immigrant cultures created a proud brewing tradition
    • Experience the bar scene like a local, try a classic Midwestern pairing at a beer-and-bacon bar, and see what's on draft in the Windy City
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