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    Intro to Wine Tasting

    Does most of your knowledge of wine come through the grapevine? Learn to discern firstand with this wine tasting class. You'll learn to sniff and sip like a true connoisseur, detecting notes, and making astute observations of a variety of varietals. Wines and regions differ from class-to-class, but you can be sure you'll do plenty of tasting and evaluating in addition to learning about the various ecologies these wines come from- i.e., the effects of climate, soil, viticulture, and grapes on the final products. That means developing insights into the effects of climate, soil, viticulture, and grapes. You'll also learn about the always important topic of food pairing. For example, wine and spaghettios: not cool.
    Intro to Wine Tasting

    2437 Bartlett St, Houston

    • Learn to distinguish between various wine styles and describe their complexities
    • Develop your understanding of wine culture, such as the various wine regions of California
    • Build your nomenclature and understanding of wine procedures such as opening and storage
    • Enjoy learning while tasting, working through a range of delicious, intoxicating varietals
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