A Professional Drinker's Guide to NYC

April 18, 2016

Looking for the best bars in NYC? 

Though we like to consider ourselves seasoned barflies, it’s always best to defer to the professionals. So we asked these cocktail experts about their favorite spots to catch a buzz in NYC. Here are their favorite bars, breweries, and speakeasies in the city.

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    New York Craft Cocktail Tour

    Do you consider yourself a cocktail aficionado? Or perhaps you're the kind of person who sits down at a cocktail bar and orders a beer? Regardless, this is the tour for you! This Happy Hour tour will bring you to the center of New York's booming cocktail culture as you visit some of the best cocktail bars in the city. Along the way you will sample delicious libations, swap tales of speakeasies and gangsters, and shop for new local craft spirit. You'll even get a chance to learn how to make craft cocktails, while discovering some of the best places to grab a drink in the Big Apple. It's a great way to start off an unforgettable evening in New York City.
    New York Craft Cocktail Tour

    Avenue A & St Marks Pl, New York

    • Find the best tucked-away places to grab a drink in New York's East Village
    • Learn how prohibition shaped NYC, and the speakeasies and gangsters who influenced the city's cocktail culture
    • Discover new spirits from local micro-distilleries and see how bartenders are revolutionizing cocktails in America with fresh, artisanal ingredients
    • Taste delicious craft cocktails at some of New York's best bars
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    Distillery Tour and Tasting

    Who doesn't enjoy a good brew? With a big name like Kings County, you know the stuff at this distillery will be good! Enjoy a laid-back, informal tour of the joint. You'll get to see the workers and the equipment in action as you walk around the facilities. Get all your alcohol-related questions answered by experts who know what they're talking about! You'll also get to make new friends with fellow alcohol aficionados. At the end of the tour, you'll try three delicious whiskeys that'll put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Find your new favorite and buy a bottle to take home for yourself!
    Distillery Tour and Tasting

    63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn

    • Participate in an informal, laid-back tour of Kings County Distillery
    • Get your alcohol-related questions answered by knowledgeable guides
    • Enjoy a tasting of 3 delicious whiskeys at the end of the tour
    • Make new friends with like-minded alcohol aficionados
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    Hamilton Happy Hour Tour

    Looking to follow in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton (well, minus the unfortunate ending)? Get the full "Little Lion"experience during this NYC walking tour! Tour the streets of the city's oldest neighborhood, Hamilton's very own stomping ground, alongside a friendly local guide. Enjoy anecdotes covering not just Hamilton's life, but about how the neighborhood has evolved dramatically since his days, and how his legacy played a role in that evolution. Wall Street, the Stock Exchange, and the nation's financial system are all covered. You'll also visit Hamilton's gravesite, and stop in at a variety of favorite local food stops along the way. When it's time to stop walking and talking, you'll end the tour with celebratory pint in toast of Hamilton's life at Fraunces Tavern- the very same tavern that Hamilton and Burr ate before their infamous duel. Talk about bang for your buck! Too soon?
    Hamilton Happy Hour Tour

    54 Pearl St, New York

    • Learn all about Alexander Hamilton during a NYC walking tour
    • Hear stories of Hamilton's impact on the nation's financial system
    • End your tour at the renowned Fraunces Tavern
    • Exercise your mind during a social stroll
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    Brewed in Brooklyn Tour

    TToast your way through the past and present of beer brewing in Brooklyn! Once home to 48 breweries, this ancient trade disappeared from the borough in the 1970s, only to be reborn in recent years with craft breweries leading the way. If you want a taste (quite literally...) of the history behind beer brewing in New York, look no further! On this NYC beer tour, we'll take a behind-the-scenes local look at how beer is made at one of Brooklyn's present-day breweries. Explore the pre-prohibition era as we check out 19th century brewery buildings, visit a landmarked buildings, and share stories of the German immigrants who lived and worked in the neighborhood. Plus, don’t forget all the craft beer and food along the way! We’ll enjoy a number of great Brooklyn brews from all kinds of spots, and stop off at a local pizza joint for lunch. Join us as we raise a glass to the history and masters of beer in Brooklyn!
    Brewed in Brooklyn Tour

    Sugarburg, Brooklyn

    • Discover the history of Brooklyn brewing, with a local guide. Sample from a selection of craft beers,
    • and learn about their production
    • Listen to the local stories of brewing, bottling, and bootlegging
    • Visit remaining 19th century brewery buildings that were once part of the old Brewers Row, one of
    • which is now an amazing craft beer bar where we’ll have a beer.
    • Enjoy a pizza lunch with a beer, of course!
    • Visit one of the new craft breweries that have brought the industry back to Brooklyn.ught the industry back to Brooklyn.
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