5 (Literally) Sweet Must-Try Birthday Treats

August 9, 2016

Ever heard the expression “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too?" Well, we disagree.

In fact, sometimes, cake is similar to your best friend: it’s there for you when you need to either unload your woes (into red velvet) or celebrate a happy occasion. Especially if it’s your birthday. You didn’t know this was a cardinal rule?

Check out these 5 activities that will leave your sweet tooth satisfied.

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    Chinatown Food Tour

    Chock full of fascinating history, architecture, shopping, and delicious food, Chicago's Chinatown attracts guests from all over the world. On this food tour, you will receive a one-of-a-kind look into the shops and eats in Chinatown. The tour begins at a classic Chinese bakery famous for its char siu bao buns where you'll sample buns, Hong Kong milk tea, and learn about the history of dim sum. From there, discuss the rich history of the neighborhood while admiring the architecture and significant historical landmarks. You will stop at a tea shop, wok shop, typical market, and tempting candy shop before finishing with a Szechuan meal. All the while, you'll cover groceries and necessary equipment, learning about Chinese cooking techniques and tricks to create delicious dishes at home. Get ready to feast on some of the best cuisine in the city and be inspired to get cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen.
    Chinatown Food Tour

    6334 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago

    • Taste the authentic flavors of Chinatown through foods like char siu bao buns, Hong Kong milk tea, and a Szechuan meal
    • Learn about Chinatown's architectural gems and Al Capone's connection to Chinatown
    • Peruse local markets and learn how to stock a Chinese pantry at home
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