You're as Cold as Ice: 4 Cool and Delicious NYC Activities

July 11, 2018

Summer heat got you feeling a bit cranky?

People used to see you as loving and kind, a defender of high spirits and unofficial cheerleader of Happy. But lately you've been subject to phrases such as "cold hearted witch" and "ice queen." When did this happen? When did the sweaty summer heat drain your soul and turn you into a mere shell of human angst and emotion?

Hope is on the way. You can fight this battle against the attitude-altering monstrosity we call the sun. Become the good kind of ice queen -- think Frozen, that child-friendly film that warmed hearts across the world. All it takes is a few cool treats.

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    Midtown Sights & Bites Food Tour

    Explore the very center of New York City with our expert local guides. You’ll see famous sights and get the inside scoop on places like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Grand Central Terminal. Along the way our guides will introduce you to our favorite local food shops for pizza, coffee, pastries, and more. You’ll know all the great spots to eat and won’t be stuck eating at chain restaurants with all the other tourists!
    Midtown Sights & Bites Food Tour

    89 E 42nd St, New York

    • See famous landmarks like Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Rockefeller Center
    • Discover hidden local food spots, retail shops, and a quiet oasis in the world’s busiest neighborhood
    • Get insider tips on how to navigate Times Square, avoid scams, and get great deals on theater tickets
    • Enjoy a day touring the best city in the world with your friends and family
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    Nolita/NoHo Food & Culture Tour

    Old-world charm meets youthful, downtown vibes on the cozy corners of Nolita. Walking through the same streets as John Gotti and Martin Scorsese, you will taste your way through this area North of Little Italy. Formerly known for flophouses, Skid Row bums, and CBGB's, the area's transformed into a hotbed for posh hotels and delectable dining. Learn the history and culture, while glimpsing at the cast-iron facades and cobblestone streets, covering restaurants unfound in any guidebook. Sampling goodies from Roman pizza to authentic Mexican food, get ready to uncover New York history!
    Nolita/NoHo Food & Culture Tour

    Mott St & Prince St, New York

    • Explore the history and culture of Nolita, former home to flophouses and now posh nightlife
    • Taste your way through the delectable, ethnic eateries, including Roman pizza and Mexican tacos
    • Discover off-the-beaten-path restaurants that aren't found in any NYC guide
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    The Heart of the Village Food & Culture Tour

    You have been there plenty of times. You've most likely eaten there a lot as well. But you've never experienced Central Greenwich Village and SoHo like this before. You'll take a stroll through these two historic neighborhoods, while receiving insider tips on where to eat and where to find entertainment. All the while, you will be tasting a delicious variety of food specialities from seven unique ethnic eateries, food shops and restaurants.Exact location of meeting point will be provided upon purchase. Pricing include $3 processing fee from operator. Embrace the rich culture of two of New York's most famous neighborhoods through the 19th century architecture, live music venues, "mom and pop" shops, and of course... the food!
    The Heart of the Village Food & Culture Tour

    97 Macdougal St, New York

    • Learn about the rich history of Central Greenwich Village and SoHo
    • Sample a variety food specialties from street vendors, "mom and pop"shops and restaurants
    • Discover 19th century architecture and the best venues for live music and stand-up comedy
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    Williamsburg Bites Food Tour

    Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn's most popular and exciting neighborhoods, straddles old and new. You can enjoy the lively arts, music, and boutique scene here, chill in numerous cafes, dine in some very good restaurants. During this walking experience you will discover some of the cultural delights and delectable bites of Brooklyn, by the hand of local food experts. Soak up the neighborhood's unique vibe as you visit iconic institutions to sample tasty treats. Also see large scale street art, learn fascinating history (see author Henry Miller’s home and learn how the neighborhood shaped his writing), and capture the best view of the New York City skyline.
    Williamsburg Bites Food Tour

    218 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

    • Step into Williamsburg’s past at this traditional Polish bakery (pierogis and pastries)
    • Critics pick BBQ at this neighborhood favorite (excellent veggie option)
    • Enjoy two types of pizza from a NY Times recommended pizzeria and true hidden gem. The owner is host of Vice Munchies and is Brooklyn born and raised
    • Savor bagel bombs and cereal milk ice cream at Momofuku Milk Bar (owned by celebrity chef, Christina Tosi of Master Chef)
    • Chocolate samples direct from this artisanal Brooklyn chocolate factory (flavors like sea salt, coffee, lavender and more!)
    • Inventive ice cream from an Iron Chef contestant (try as many flavors as you want before selecting one!)
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