You're as Cold as Ice: 4 Cool and Delicious NYC Activities

January 11, 2020

Summer heat got you feeling a bit cranky?

People used to see you as loving and kind, a defender of high spirits and unofficial cheerleader of Happy. But lately you've been subject to phrases such as "cold hearted witch" and "ice queen." When did this happen? When did the sweaty summer heat drain your soul and turn you into a mere shell of human angst and emotion?

Hope is on the way. You can fight this battle against the attitude-altering monstrosity we call the sun. Become the good kind of ice queen -- think Frozen, that child-friendly film that warmed hearts across the world. All it takes is a few cool treats.

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    NYC Food Tour: Tenements, Tales, and Tastes

    Where would New York be without its rich, diverse immigrant history? Mix delicious foreign flavors with tales of history on a tour that will take you from tenements to restaurants. The tour starts out at City Hall, and will send you on your trek through stories and tales of immigration. Pursue all your culinary endeavors with a Dutch breakfast and work your way through 100-year old bakeries, churches, markets, and historic sites. Along the way on your food tour, sink your teeth into amazing stories and delicious food: Knishes, tacos, dumplings, among many more. Also, see Little Italy and Jewish synagogues and clothing sites. Explore the city's Latin culture, the Tenement Museum, and the African Burial Ground. Your tour will come to its end in the Far-East side of Chinatown. It's a great way to explore both history and try delicious cultural foods!
    NYC Food Tour: Tenements, Tales, and Tastes

    City Hall Park, New York

    • Discover New York's rich immigrant history on this culturally informative food tour
    • Try a variety of different foods and tasty treats that will take you all over the world
    • Explore tenements and tales of immigrants from many different cultures
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    Wine & Cheese Pairing on Yacht Manhattan

    Join Classic Harbor Line for their series celebrating the wonderfully diverse and ever-changing world of wine! Each week they will focus on a different region exploring the grapes, styles, soils, viticulture, and tasting techniques that will help you enjoy your wine! These interactive tastings will be conducted by a wine professional in a fun, relaxed atmosphere aboard the beautiful yacht Manhattan. The tastings you will be introduced to will also feature a number of different artisan and farmstead cheeses selected each week to complement the wines of the day. In addition, a selection of dried fruit, nuts and breads will be served to highlight each pairing. Together with fellow wine enthusiasts you'll learn the basics of tasting in a fun, informative setting, find out what makes each wine different and unique, and discuss major styles, grape varieties, regions, and trends. All aboard!
    Wine & Cheese Pairing on Yacht Manhattan

    62 Chelsea Piers, New York

    • Taste five different wines from a specific region of the world aboard a yacht
    • Cruise around Manhattan and pair those wines with the perfect cheeses
    • Learn about wine and its various components
    • Sit back and let the wine relax you among the beautiful views
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    East Village Pizza Walk

    New York pizza has reached mythical status in a relatively short period of time. Find out why as you trace both 19th-century Italian immigration and pizza history in one of the city's most interesting -- and delicious -- immigrant neighborhoods! Here's what you'll get on the East Village Pizza Walk: full slices at each of three pizzeria stops, history of one of the city's most diverse neighborhoods, and a Pocket Pizza Journal so you can take detailed notes. The pizza styles you may taste include Neapolitan, Roman, New York Slice, Sicilian, Grandma, among other excellent styles. You'll visit pizzerias heralded by renowned food experts as the city's best. The Pizza Walk is New York's most comprehensive culinary expedition!
    East Village Pizza Walk

    337 E 10th St, New York

    • Taste classic Italian pizza slices on the East Side
    • Learn about the art of making pizza from the artisans
    • Explore one of New York's most historic and diverse neighborhoods
    • Uncover the LES with your expert guide and meet other pizza lovers
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    West Village Pizza Walk

    There is no meal that resembles New York City more than pizza. And what better way to learn how both are interconnected than taking a walking pizza tour! West Village Pizza Walk will focus on pizza from a historical perspective, as you explore lower Manhattan while learning about the birth of the modern pizza pie. You'll eat slices from three of New York's most significant pizzerias and learn how it transformed from a "peasant's meal" for early Italian immigrants to the pervasive dish it is today. You've never tasted New York City like this before!
    West Village Pizza Walk

    626 Hudson St, New York

    • Stroll through Little Italy and Greenwich Village and learn about the birth of New York pizza
    • Sample slices from three of NYC's most significant pizzerias
    • Receive your very own Pizza Journal and Pizza Tour Survival Kit
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    Brooklyn Pizza Walk

    New York wouldn't be New York without its classic pizza. On this food tour, see what local secrets are tucked away on the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. With the help of your knowledgeable guide, visit authentic Neapolitan pizzerias, scorching wood-fired brick ovens, the second oldest family-owned pizzerias in New York, and a recently rediscovered coal-fire oven -- and one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn! You'll meet the owners and chefs (pizzaioli) as you learn the nuances of their craft and develop a new respect for pizza making. There's more to New York than Manhattan, so take a short ride in a subway or cab and go on this tasty pizza tour in Brooklyn for a deep study of one neighborhood's entire pizza landscape.
    Brooklyn Pizza Walk

    Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

    • Take a tasting tour of classic New York pizza in historic Brooklyn
    • Expand your pizza tasting palette with authentic New York pizza
    • Learn from local artisans about their craft at three pizzerias
    • Explore Brooklyn with your expert guide and meet other pizza lovers
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    Chelsea Market, Highline, and Meatpacking Food Tour

    Work your way through the Chelsea Market, Meatpacking District, and the High Line, and see the new Hudson Yards! From its working-class origins to its place in NYC’s club scene, to today, where high-end fashion houses rub shoulders with celebrities and trendsetting gourmands, the Meatpacking District is a slice of all of New York City! Learn the area’s secrets, take in the views from the world-famous High Line and sample the diverse fare in the historic Chelsea Market.
    Chelsea Market, Highline, and Meatpacking Food Tour

    239 N 9th St, Brooklyn

    • Sample local food on a Chelsea Market Food Tour
    • Explore the Chelsea Market, the Meatpacking District, the High Line, and the new Hudson Yards
    • Learn the area's secrets from personality-filled tour guides
    • Enjoy a relaxing day eating your way through the Chelsea Market
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    Taste of Mulberry Street

    Having trouble deciding on which cuisine to enjoy for dinner? Well leave the tedious decision making behind, and opt for them all! With this delicious walking food tour, you’ll fall in love with cuisines from every culture. Take a stroll through three notorious NYC neighborhoods, Nolita, Little Italy, and Chinatown, alongside a knowledgeable tour guide and host. As you learn about the fascinating past of these streets, you’ll stop into 6 different eateries- all with their own flare and flavor! So cancel all your dinner plans, grab a friend, and go please your appetite!
    Taste of Mulberry Street

    Chinatown, New York

    • Get a taste of 6 unique, delicious and diverse cuisines
    • Stroll through a fascinating city street in the heart of the culinary scene
    • Go for an optional wine pairing to your pasta dish
    • Learn captivating tips about the neighborhood from a knowledgeable host
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