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— Escape Rooms
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    Guardian of Gotham Escape Room

    July 2132. Martial law has been declared in Manhattan. Villains and crime syndicates control most of the major districts. Clue Chase Laboratories, now a marvel of high-tech innovation, suffers a break-in at the hands of a mysterious figure. Shortly thereafter, reports of a cyber-suited vigilante possessing time travel abilities began to circulate. Comic geeks and journalists eventually begin referring to her as the alter-ego "Doctor Time." In the ensuing months, crime falls to a low not seen in decades. However, the public becomes increasingly skeptical of the vast power she wields and this would-be hero's methods. You must break into Dr. Time's lair, discover what they know about the artifact, recover our technology, and defeat Dr. Time.
    Guardian of Gotham Escape Room

    39 W 32nd St, New York

    • Explore a Super-Hero’s Lair!
    • Unique tech, from VR to object recognition, to automated security systems like you’ve never seen before…
    • Our most technologically advanced escape room, mixing media and games to create something entirely new for the industry
    • Coming Soon – choose a track, do you want to play as the heroes, or the villains? Different challenges and outcomes await…
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    51 positive reviews
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    Da Vinci Room Escape

    Think you've got the sleuth-solving chops of Tom Hanks? Put your critical thinking skills to the test with this escape room experience based on the works of Leonardo DaVinci! In an escape room, you're thrown into an interactive experience with a small team, in which you have one hour to piece together a string of clues and solve a mystery. Success in this adventure relies upon your ability to work together, observe, and utilize your imagination. While no special knowledge is required to participate, you will have to battle against both the clock and the strong urge to just get lost in Da Vinci's paintings. Good luck!
    Da Vinci Room Escape

    134-26 Northern Blvd, Flushing

    • Solve a challenging Da Vinci-themed mystery in this interactive escape experience
    • Put your critical thinking and observational skills to the test as you analyze clues
    • Work with as team to increase your odds of success in escaping before the hour is up
    • Relish the suspense of a ticking clock during a fully immersive adventure
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