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    Gallery Heist Room Escape (Evening)

    DC is under the scourge of a notorious art thief. As luck would have it, you happen to be a quick-thinking detective with a keen eye for observation. At least for 45 minutes. This interactive experience puts you in a room with a small team of fellow detectives, where you'll need to examine various works of art to locate clues and decipher puzzles using what you've found. If you can successfully complete this challenge, you'll find way into a locked safe, recover the artwork, and capture the culprit. But you've got a limited time frame in which to get the job done, meaning you've not only got to bring your critical thinking skills, but you've also got to work together with the others in the room. The fate of the art world is in your hands! More importantly, you could win a prize.
    Gallery Heist Room Escape (Evening)

    720 I St SE, Washington

    • Immerse yourself in an interactive game in which you play a detective trying to capture an art thief
    • Exercise your critical thinking skills to piece together abstract clues in order to solve the mystery
    • Work with a small team to better your odds of completing the task within the allotted time
    • Feel the rush of urgency as you race against the clock to win the game
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