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— Escape Rooms
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    The Library - Sherlock's Study

    Do you fancy yourself a super sleuth? Put your deductive reasoning skills to the test during this interactive game based on the legendary Sherlock Holmes! During this escape room challenge, you'll be locked in a room decorated entirely in an immersive theme and loaded with hidden clues. It's up to you and your fellow teammates to exercise your powers of observation and sleuthing to unravel a mystery before your time is up. Collectively, you'll have to solve a collection of mysteries to prove you have what it takes to help Sherlock against the evil Professor Moriarty. But not to worry! For someone with your cunning, the challenge is sure to be quite "elementary."
    The Library - Sherlock's Study

    1730 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC

    • Immerse yourself in an interactive, room escape game based on the fiction of Sherlock Holmes
    • Use your wits and intellect to search for clues in order to escape before your time's up
    • Work with a team of friends, family, work colleagues, or strangers to increase your odds of success
    • Feel the adrenaline rush of the time crunch as you race to unravel the puzzle and earn major bragging rights
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    Escape the Oval Office

    The Oval Office -- It's hallowed ground. innumerable amount of powerful people and politicians have been inside, but you'll do anything to get out! Get the experience of a television game show as you are locked into a room replicated after the presidential office. You and your teammates will have use your problem solving skills to solve the puzzles and uncover the clues. You'll have to solve the mystery and escape before your one hour is up. Don't let the suspense get to you! Get out of your house and make a thrilling escape from the White House.
    Escape the Oval Office

    B, 1322 H St NE, Washington

    • Use your sharp wits and intellect to escape the Oval Office
    • Follow the clues and solve the tricky, challenging puzzles
    • Practice your leadership skills and use teamwork to get your group out in time
    • Race against the clock in fun, interactive excursion
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    Cosa Nostra Mafia Themed Escape Room

    Deep dark secrets, shady connections, or alcohol (theoretically). No, it's not the Senate floor. Step back in time to the era of Prohibition, and put your devious mind to work in this intriguing escape room game. You're on the black book payroll of a D.C. politician, and you're looking to cover his tracks. You mission: sneak into a clandestine juice joint, and recover documents implicating dealings with the Cottone crime family. Scour the room for clues to find the document's location. Solve a series of puzzles before your hour is up, or your goose is cooked. Bring your smartest friends or team up with savvy strangers to help ease the burden. Whether you're a teetotaler, or totally ombibulous, this hotsy-totsy, metaphorical toot will have you zozzled. Translation: it's super fun.
    Cosa Nostra Mafia Themed Escape Room

    2300 Wisconsin Ave NW #200b, Washington

    • Immerse yourself in an interactive game based on a Prohibition-era speakeasy break in
    • Put your powers of observation and critical-thinking skills to test
    • Work your team to snatch a set of incriminating documents before your 60-minute time limit is up
    • Enjoy an engaging game designed to inspire your imagination and sweep you up in the moment
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