Explore the Outdoors: 5 Activities to Get You Out of the City

June 29, 2018

It’s summer in Chicago, and you’re a little tired of staying in the city. You want to be out and about, taking in the natural wonders of the world, but don’t know where to start.

Why not start close by? We at Vimbly hear you, and have compiled a list of 5 outdoor activities that will help you explore the outdoors, while not taking you too far away from Windy City.

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    River Architecture Tour (Navy Pier)

    What is Chicago's distinguishing feature? Is it the size of its pizza? What about the look of its hot dogs? Nope, it's gotta be the skyline. Bringing Chicago's innovative architectural development to the city's vibrant life, explore Chicago's rich history through its iconic landmarks. All of this will be viewed from the scenic Chicago River. Relax on board a cruise vessel as you observe and relish in the towering skyscrapers like Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building, and Willis (Sears) Tower. Floating along the river, you'll uncover the tactical details behind each building, learning about the architects and designs that truly distinguish Chicago among the prettiest cities in the world.
    River Architecture Tour (Navy Pier)

    600 E Grand Ave, Chicago

    • Enjoy a historical exploration of Chicago's world-renowned architectural landmarks
    • Travel along the Chicago River, and see buildings like Tribune Tower, Trump Tower, and Willis (Sears) Tower
    • Learn about the city's history in architectural development and innovation
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    Drunk Shakespeare - Stage-Side Seats

    Performing a full Shakespeare play is hard. Performing a Shakespeare play while wasted is just as hard, however, so much more entertaining! Sit back and watch as 1 person from this talented team of actors take at least 5 shots of whiskey, then try to act out, let alone remember, one of The Bard's master works. The result is exciting, hilarious, passionate, and totally unpredictable. Like Macbeth said, Drink, sir, is a great provoker -- and provoke they will! Prepare to be wildly entertained by professional drinkers with a serious Shakespeare problem.
    Drunk Shakespeare - Stage-Side Seats

    182 N Wabash Ave, Chicago

    • Experience the intoxicating thrill of live theater with Drunk Shakespeare
    • Watch actors take several shots and then try to perform a Shakespeare play
    • Laugh at liquor-inspired interpretations of classic characters
    • Indulge in libations of your own as you watch the performance inside a hidden Speakeasy
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    Pedway "Explorers" Tour (Winter)

    Spanning nearly five miles through underground corridors, building concourses, food courts, train stations, and sky-bridges, Chicago's Pedway is the city's secret weapon against harsh winters. In this case, it also serves as an urban safari. Traveling through these corridors, you'll learn the history behind the pedway system, covering the unique terrain without the worry of the outdoors. On the way, visit unique locales like City Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, and Macy's. Listen to the entertaining stories about Chicago's explosive past and its interesting characters. The coolest part is you'll be doing all of this underground!
    Pedway "Explorers" Tour (Winter)

    111 E Upper Wacker Dr, Chicago

    • Hear entertaining stories featuring the buildings along, below, and above the Chicago Pedway
    • Learn about the city's explosive past and its most fascinating characters
    • Explore this unique system of underground corridors and building concourses
    • Travel around the city without ever needing to step outside into the Chicago winter
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    The Original Chicago Pizza Tour

    Experience an unmatched culinary experience on the only bus driven pizza tour! You'll explore several of Chicago's neighborhoods in search of tasting Chicago's most defining food... PIZZA! Along the tour, see interesting and historical sights and landmarks as you see Chicago one bite at a time! Each tour will visit a mix of culturally significant and neighborhood pizzerias, enjoying a full serving at each restaurant. Of course, all 4 pizzerias visited are very different in taste and style to ensure the ultimate dining experience. At some restaurants, you even get a "backstage pass" into their kitchens to check out the ovens, ingredients, and overall process. Stops vary from day to day, but rest assured every place selected has a dynamite slice and a friendly atmosphere. Make sure you're ready to eat and experience how these magnificent pizzas span more than a mile.
    The Original Chicago Pizza Tour

    61 E Madison St, Chicago

    • Taste your way through several Chicago neighborhoods with delicious pizzas
    • Visit interesting historical sights and landmarks as you take a bus around the city
    • Eat at four different pizzerias and uncover the varying styles and tastes of each pizza
    • Dive into the kitchen and check out the ovens, ingredients, and processes behind each pie
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    Intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Maybe you're missing a sense of adventure in your life. Or maybe you just can't get enough of it. Or maybe you really, really like getting wet. Whatever the reason, this introductory Stand up Paddle Boarding course is sure to hit the mark. Designed for those new to the sport, you'll be practicing the fundamentals in the controlled environment of an olympic-sized swimming pool. You'll get an introduction into the board itself, learning about different types and parts of kayaks, and familiarizing yourself with all of the nomenclature. Then you'll work on paddle stroke techniques on the water, as well as practicing capsizing contingencies, such as wet exits and cowboy rescues. After this class is complete, you'll have the foundation you need to take the next steps in mastering a sport that will open the way to a lifetime of adventure. Or getting wet. Whichever.
    Intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    1200 W Harrison St, Chicago

    • Master the fundamental techniques of Stand up Paddle Boarding while working out in a swimming pool
    • Practice capsizing techniques that will allow you to get efficiently out of and back into your vessel
    • Take the first steps in mastering a new sport under the guidance of a certified instructor
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    Sunset Paddle

    If you seek a titillating twilight tour, look no further. This kayaking journey will give you a whole new perspective of city of Chicago. You'll be making your way along the Chicago River, surrounded on all sides by reflections of gold as the sun drops below the horizon. You'll paddle for six miles with a licensed guide who will point out some of the unique sites as you pass by, offering up nuggets of architectural fact and history. Whether you have years of experience kayaking, or are picking up the paddle for the first time, you'll find plenty to enjoy during this adventure. That is, if you're not too busy being titillated by the views.
    Sunset Paddle

    1220 W LeMoyne Ave, Chicago

    • Kayak across the city on the Chicago River during this energizing twilight adventure tour
    • Learn about the history and architecture of Chicago as you paddle by several famous sites
    • Let a certified instructor show you the ropes during a safe row
    • Feel the adrenaline of adventure consume your senses and fuel your sense of wonder
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