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    Backpacking Intro Course

    Want to pick up hiking, but afraid of getting lost in the woods? Step One: Get your bearings with an intro to backpacking class! Build your knowledge base under the guidance of professional guides and educators. Enjoy a laidback ambiance that encourages learning and acts as a great place to meet future backpacking buddies. Better yet, this class will help prep you for Kaf Adventures' own multi-day backpacking outing. Covered topics include wilderness survival and planning, planing routes, preparing meals, and handling emergencies. You'll also learn about topographic maps and gear essentials as well as get acquainted with the ethical side of backpacking, including learning about the "Leave No Trace" mantra. Step Two: Ween yourself off hot showers.
    Backpacking Intro Course

    2960 4th Ave S, Seattle

    • Learn about the fundamentals of backpacking during a classroom introduction
    • Develop your understanding of trip planning
    • Pick up pointers on wilderness survival
    • Prepare yourself mentally for a multi-day backpacking outing
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