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— Fencing & Samurai Sword Fighting
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    Samurai Sword Fighting - Tribeca (Online)

    You are the one that has seen every Bruce Lee movie and loves Japanese culture. This samurai sword fighting class dedicated to Samurai Sword Soul Style is the perfect way to feed those interests. Each class will walk you through a 3-step process based on Waki Style Tate, Kendo, Karate, Iaido and Japanese Classical Dance. First, you will practice basic sword techniques, suching as gripping, breathing, and footwork. Next, you will experiment with sword contact via offensive and defensive moves. Finally, you'll learn choreography, which recognizes samurai sword fighting as both a martial and performing art. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their concentration and try something entirely new, you'll channel that inner samurai in no time! Class is temporarily held online.
    Samurai Sword Fighting - Tribeca (Online)

    126 East 13th St, New York

    • Learn basic sword techniques such as gripping, breathing, cutting, and positioning
    • Practice fundamentals through exciting choreography in one-on-one or one-versus-many situations
    • Improve your concentration and discipline
    • No experience necessary
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    5 positive reviews
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    Fencing Lesson

    Do you like to play fight or hit things with a sword? Or maybe you just want to relieve some stress? Take a trial lesson at Sheridan Fencing Academy and do all of those things. The lesson is guaranteed to be a high-energy workout that teaches the basic skills of fencing. On top of technical and tactical exercises designed to accelerate your fencing development, you will learn an array of activities that develop your core strength, flexibility and speed. Prepare to become a lean, mean, fencing machine!
    Fencing Lesson

    1801 1st Ave, New York

    • Develop basic fencing skills through technical and tactical exercises
    • Learn a number of exercises to help you develop your core, strength, flexibility, and speed
    • Equipment is provided
    • No experience necessary
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    35 positive reviews
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