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    "It's not size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog" - Mark Twain. How much fight do you have in you? Find out at Evolv Fitness's Jolt kickboxing free trial class. You'll put on handwraps and gloves learn how to throw effective jabs, punches and kicks. You'll work the bag as well your muscles, burning hundreds of calories along the way. You'll let off some steam while getting in a great workout. So, ready to find out how much fight you really have?

    1317 Republican St, Seattle

    • Experience the intense pulse pounding workout of a kickboxer
    • Take out your aggression on heavy bag with kicks and punches
    • Enjoy a hybrid class of traditional kickboxing and a modern, fun workout structure
    • Get in fighting shape as you tone your muscles and increase your cardiovascular health
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    Take a deep breath. In. And out. Developed in the Shaolin Monastery, Qigong fosters your internal energy in a gentle way to revitalize your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which achieves a balanced state of internal energy in the human body. Perfect for elders or those recovering from illness, Qigong can help develop explosive power, stamina, and ability to resist injury. During this class, you'll focus on stretching, breathing, and visualization techniques to achieve holistic health goals as you increase blood and energy flow. Looking to relax, sculpt the body, and cure your cold? Qigong does it all.

    1716 NW Market St, Seattle

    • Reach a balanced state of internal energy through stretching, breathing, and visualization techniques
    • Increase blood and energy flow to improve your power and stamina
    • Achieve holistic health goals in a relaxing setting
    • Feel more at ease and in tune with yourself by the end of this meditative class
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