Are you looking for a fun Boston Date Idea that doesn’t involve Beer?

Maybe you’re on a mission to reduce that winter beer-belly that’s been comfortably resting atop your belt? Maybe you haven’t exactly mastered the whole “know your limits” thing yet?  

Whatever the reason, the beautiful city of Boston has more to offer than just bars full of everyone’s favorite Boston Lager. Gone are your days of beer pong and pub crawls. Say no more to wine tastings and vodka samplings!  It’s time to reach beyond your young, alcohol-dependent dating days. You’re older, wiser and ready for things that you’ll remember in the morning.

So bring your bae on an alcohol-free date and show ‘em that Bostonians are good at more than just drinking, damn it, and that you’re a wicked good time even without that giggle juice.


Sunset Skies and Sober Eyes

boston date
sunset sail

Feast your eyes on the beauty of the Boston harbor beneath a candy-colored sky. Instead of holing up in a dimly lit pub, set sail with your boo and bask in the glory of the wind, salt and sea. Learn interesting facts about the different boating vessels while you cruise past America’s oldest commissioned sailing ship.

With the setting sun above you, you won’t find a better place to get cozy outside the busy Boston streets and the buzzing Boston pubs.

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Get Chocolate-Wasted

chocolate tasting

Who said you need alcohol to have a wild time? Find that sugar-high with your sugar-pie as you taste the finest chocolates of the South End!

Get to know your date as you walk your way through the south part of Boston, indulging in delicious treats from various places along your route. Why knock back beers when you can knock back delicious desserts from the greatest bakeries and restaurants this city has to offer?

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Have a Wicked Good Laugh

improv show

Do you and your date have similar senses of humor? I guess you’ll find out by the end of this show!

Face your alcohol-free dating fears at this hysterical competitive comedy show. You and your bae will have memories to last a lifetime as you hear comedian after comedian kill it on stage, battling for your approval at the end of the show. You'll both spend the whole night laughing -- and you don’t even have to worry about making all the jokes!

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Escape Your Boston Beer Belly

escape rooms
boston date

A date with no booze? How about no cell phones, computers, or internet as well? Put yourself and your bae to work as you try and escape a room that has you trapped in the 1960s!

With no alcohol there to help you get ahem, "creative," you and your date will have to work together to see how compatible you really are in this conundrum. It’s a good thing you’re not drinking -- you’ll need a sharp mind (or two) to get out of this one.   

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Bye-Bye Booze, Hello Dancing Shoes

dance class
boston date
latin dance

You don’t always need a drink to get your groove on. Spice things up by bringing your bae to a group Latin dance class, where you’ll both get to perfect your dance technique in the company of professionals.  

Win her heart with your passionate salsa or smooth merengue moves. By the end of the class you’ll be ready to dance the night away somewhere else -- and by then, and only then, might it be acceptable to treat yourself to a cocktail... or two. Control yourself, buddy. â€‹

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