8 Classes Where You Can Mix Drinking With Creativity
Haven’t you heard? Boozy art isn’t just for the professionals anymore. Tons of amateur artists looking to unwind after work turn to art classes for some low-budget, highly-effective therapy. Plus, you know—alcohol. Bring a bottle of wine, mingle and get creative by taking any (and all) of these BYOB art classes.

Origami folding.

Urban legend says you can only fold a piece of paper seven times, no matter how small or how large. Care to prove the legend right—or wrong? Simultaneously simple and complex art, origami will have you creating beautiful swans and figurines in no time. Eastern art meets Western for a relaxing evening made all the more therapeutic when you bring with you a bottle of your favorite red.

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Tote your wine to this tote bag design class.


Custom tote bags? Sign me up. In this class, you’ll stamp out your creativity on a tote bag (that you get to take home with you, of course). Let loose in the design studio, mingle with some new people and get inspired to decorate your new tote bag. You’ll even get to take home your own lino block stamp to use on future projects. Win-win! (or wine-wine?)

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Wine and rhine(stones): jewelry that won’t break the bank.


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, homemade jewelry is a girl’s best accessory for day-to-day fashion. Choosing from gemstones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and more, you can create necklaces, bracelets and earrings for that special someone. Or, simply have an excuse to #treatyourself.

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Play time, clay time and drink time.

clay tile

Play with clay like you did when you were young in this clay-making class—only this time, you’ll be drinking. Under the instruction of an artist, you’ll learn how to shape self-hardening clay into a lidded box or clay tile that can be taken home that very night. Or for the more creative crowd, whip up whatever unique design comes to mind! No matter what you decide to make, unwind with some cocktails and be ready to get a little dirty.

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Relive your teenage dreams with this artful collage class.

learn to paint
image transfer

Remember when you were a teen and you used to put together collages and mood boards? You might have replaced that passion with Pinterest, but the art of making a collage with your own two hands is still as alive as ever. With a glass of wine in your hand (and then belly), you and your friends will use found paper, image, prints, wax, watercolor, acrylics and paint to create something new and meaningful out of something old.

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Beaded bracelet-making for your BFF.

sunday funday
girls night out
party activity
creative class
art class

Has the BFFs Forever bracelet you bought in middle school run its course? Maybe it’s time to make a new, more adult one. In this class, you’ll use jewelry pliers to manipulate loops, jump rings and crimping beads of your favorite jasper, jade and tiger’s eye as well as wood, ceramic and glass. By the end of class, you’ll have a brand new bracelet under your belt—er, wrist—to pass along to your new (or old) BFF.

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Make it work with some fabric design.

tote bags
girls' night out
girl talk
girl thing

Aspiring fashionistas and designers, this printmaking class is made for you. Working with utilitarian materials, you will learn to hand carve a block and then print your own stretch of fabric for any purpose. Create new handmade curtains, tote bags, tea towels, pillows and more with this valuable skill. The instructors will definitely help you bring out your creative side—or maybe that’s just the wine talking.

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Drunk art history.


Have you ever wanted to paint your own Pollock or design your own Dada? In this ever-changing international-themed workshop, you’ll study the artistic stylings of a different country every week. From the Tuscan landscapes of Bruno Chirici to the impressionistic stylings of Claude Monet, you’ll learn to recreate stylings with your own twist on a classic.

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Pleather is out; leatherworking is in.

arts and crafts

If you’re in need of a new wallet, phone case or key chain, you could go to the store and buy it... or you could learn how to work with leather to make it yourself! Under the tutelage of a professional artiste, you’ll work with premium animal hides to bend, cut and shape the material into beautiful accessories. Never settle for fake leather again!

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Wine is organic, right? Organic skin care class.

body butter

The DIY revolution is here and it has extended to our beauty products. Skip the pricey drug store visits and take this class to learn how to craft organic, handmade lip balms, lotion bars and deodorants. Know that the only things you’re putting into these products contain edible ingredients so you’ll never have to worry about what you put in your body again—except for that glass of wine you are drinking.

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