Beer Basics: Discover Chicago’s Favorite Brew-Related Activities
Here’s a hoptimistic thought: even though some of us might drink it on the daily, there’s still plenty to learn and appreciate about beer. Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, yet the average beer consumer probably doesn’t know all that much about different brewing methods, beer types or the various breweries in town. That changes here. Instead of spending the night at your regular bar, try some of Chicago’s favorite pub crawls, beer making classes and more.

Brew, batch, bottle—begin!

craft beer

In a world where everyone is searching for the ultimate craft beer, only you have the power to brew the perfect pint according to your personal preferences. Calibrate your taste sensibilities by becoming a brewer in your own right with this beer crafting class. Made with beginners in mind, you’ll learn all the theory and terminology needed to make a 5-gallon batch (about 48 bottles) of your own beer. Come back to the class about a month later (after the beer has fermented) to marvel at your creation and put the final touches on your very own personalized craft brew.

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Hop along to Chicago’s best loc-ales and burger joints.


Any self-respecting Chicagoan will perk their ears when you mention beer, booze and food. Don’t be the one who misses out! In this tour of River North’s beer and burger joints, you’ll pair the best local brews the bars have to offer with their signature beef-tastic burgers. Watch the game, bring some friends and get ready for a night of binging with the best. Did we mention that there would be beer, booze and food?

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Cooking with beer without fear.


What’s better than cooking up your favorite meal with a beer in hand? Using said beer as the star ingredient in your dish! For those beer lovers who also love spending time in the kitchen, check out this class. You’ll learn the art of pairing different meats with beers to create tasty, Mexican-style treats such as nachos with Dos Equis cheese sauce, beer-braised pork tacos with cumin crema and a roasted pineapple sundae with beer-caramel sauce. How do you say bon appetit in Spanish? Buen provecho!

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Brewmasters: home edition.

home brewing

Plenty of people hop into the brewing world because they a) love beer and b) need a relaxing hobby. With this introductory class to home brewing, beginner brewer's like you will learn how to chill-proof your beer and more, giving you the skills to make batches of beer in the comfort of your own home. With the help and guidance of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced brewers, you’ll realize just how easy it is to make this hoppy hobby a part of your life.

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Drinking, draughting, drawing.

wire wrapping
custom jewelry

There are many ways to spend a night drinking: at a bar, at home with friends, even while making beautiful works of art. For those low-key nights with your partner or best friend, try your hand at portraiture in this boozy and bougie art class. The class provides all the artistic material and direction you’ll need—just bring your favorite bottle and let your artistic spirit take you where it will.

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Infusing history with brewing.

pub crawl

Chicago wouldn’t be what it is today without its long history of celebrating alcohol. No, not celebrating with alcohol, but celebrating the substance itself. Join this tour of history geeks and beer bros to discover Chicago’s most historic and lively bars, speakeasies and pubs where you’ll sample your favorite beers and appetizers. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your ancestors celebrating beer, ya feel?

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Grilling with gusto.


Grilling is not yet a sport, but if it was, you’d be an Olympian. To get the gold though, your grilling needs to graduate to the next level. How, you ask? By adding beer into the mix. In this class, you’ll taste beer as you prepare the likes of smoked cheddar beer dip, beer brined pork chops and beer braised brisket. In between grills, you’ll sample the finest micro brews around and learn tips that will help you win the gold medal, so to speak.

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