Chicago by Sea: 8 Dates Ideas on the Water
The shores of Lake Michigan are calling out to you and your date during the summer months: come to me (before I'm frozen over in a few months). Seriously, Chicago is best enjoyed during the short summer months with long summer days out on the water where you can take in great views and have fun in the sun on a boat. Seize the day this summer by planning some of these dates on the waters of Chicago's lakefront before the heat is gone! Winter is coming, after all.

White water rafting in St. Joseph's River


White water rafting - in the Midwest?! In Chicago?! Yes and sort of. Across the state-border to Indiana lies the state's only white water river, St. Joseph's River. For the adventurous couple looking for a thrilling time, this white water rafting crash-course introduces you to the ins and outs to make sure your journey is safe and fun. Scream, laugh, shout - you and your date will undoubtedly get a little wet and surely have a great time.

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Paddle board to show off that six pack or beer belly


After a long day spent sitting at the office, who wants to sit during their down time too? For those who prefer to work up a little sweat during a date, let us introduce you to stand-up paddle boarding, where you row as you stand and master balance and coordination. In this particular adventure, you and your SO will tour the waters of Lake Michigan off the coast of the Windy City to see the sites and breathe in that Lake Michigan breeze.

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Kayaking for two that's not a canoe


If kayaking with a paddle ain't your speed, ditch the oars for pedals by renting a wind-powered tandem kayak. No matter the boat, you'll still be working out your muscles against Michigan's unpredictable waters (though safety is definitely taken into consideration too). Together, the two of you will be able to achieve speeds of up to 12 mph to sail across Lake Michigan without feeling sore the next day (in your arms at least).

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Brunch, boats and booze - a seriously winning combination

water tour

Maybe you aren't a "water" couple. Maybe you'd like to stay as far away from the paddle boarding and the white water rafting as possible. But you are a couple (or dating, at the very least) and coupledom means brunch-dom. Dress your Sunday best when you hop on this brunch cruise around Chi-town's most famous sites, where you'll stay far away from physical activity but still get to glide on the water. Indulge in a buffet of classic brunch staples (plus dessert) and a romantic, relaxed afternoon by the water.

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A day of low-key swimming in Lake Michigan

Low-key dates are secretly the best dates sometimes. Make the most out of your Chicago location by heading over to some of the city and state's best beaches, including North Ave. Beach. Dip into the water, swim around and head back on to dry, clean, sandy land for a good ol' fashioned picnic.

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Afterwork and weekday jet skiing

water sports
day trips

Love motorcycles but hate how unsafe they are? No worries - you and your date can fulfil those motorcycle fantasies on the water instead by renting jet skis for a few hours, where you'll cruise and zip around the waters of Lake Michigan, feeling that wind in your hair. Never driven a jet ski before? No problem. The team runs you through a safety course and a quick intro on how to use one upon your arrival so you can jump right in and fly away.

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Dive into this intro scuba diving class


Did you know that Lake Michigan is home to some of the freshwater diving world's greatest treasures? If you want an intro course to scuba diving, look no further than Chi-town's intro course, where you'll get a hang of the basics before going off to bigger waters. You might not see any tropical fish, but you may see a tire or two!

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Not your average kayaking trip - this one has ghosts

What do you get when you mix night time, kayaking and Chicago? Besides some beautiful views, you'll be treated to the ghost stories, legends and myths of Chicago crime in its hay day all while paddling through downtown. Learn about how figures like Al Capone irrevocably shaped the city and visit some allegedly haunted spots of the city for a spooky, unique night out and about.

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