Picture this.

You’re on a *nice* dinner date. It’s casual, you’re comfortable, and the food is decent -- nothing to write home about, but hey it’s better than that weird looking microwaveable “frozen dinner” in your fridge.

You and your date laugh, talk, sip on on wine, and get to know each other. When the waiter comes by and clears your plate, he begins to ask you your favorite question.

“Well, have we saved any room for desser--”

Before the waiter can finish, he is cut off.  “Ugh, I’m sooooooooo full, I can’t eat another bite,” says your date with a smile.  You force the corners of your mouth upwards in an agreement-sort-of grimace. So the waiter leaves, taking the dessert menus with him. All you’re left with is the bitter aftertaste of pinot grigio, and a broken dream about the chocolate lava cake that never was. Well, and your date is there too, we guess.

Don’t let this happen again. The sweet things in life should not be swept aside like your grandma’s horrendous fruit cake. Dinner is a thing of the past. Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth with your sweet thang and head out on a dessert-inspired date.


A Segway: But Hotter.

segway tour
hot chocolate

The Segway: an official trademark of athleticism, charm, and sex appeal.

And you thought this beautiful mechanical beast couldn’t get any better. Oh, but it can. And all it takes is adding some hot chocolate.

That’s right, feast your eyes. You heard it here first, folks. You can now bring the bae of your dreams on a hot chocolate segway tour of Chicago. Try to keep your hands to yourself as you cruise in style, sipping a delectable drink to heat things up.

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Pop, Lock, and Eat it

cake pops
miami baking

What’s better than cake? The cutest cakes ever, on a stick.

Cake pops are the answer to your dull date dilemmas. Here lies the perfect date activity for people who enjoy putting in more effort for less cake.

And we’re not ones to judge. After a couple of hours in the kitchen, you’ll leave this class with a bouquet of decorated, edible circular things that are almost too beautiful to enjoy.

Now go get some cake.

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Paint n' Pastries

paint sip

This class is sure to get your creative juices flowing with a sugar high. Pick up a brush as you munch some delicious pastries and sip on coffee -- or mimosas if you’re in need of some extra inspiration. Get to know the girl or guy by your side, or enjoy some “me” time and keep all of those pastries for yourself.

Whatever works.

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Apple (Pie) Of Your Eye

baking class
chicago cooking

Get to know your bae as the two of you get to work together making the most delicious seasonal pie of your life. All that time cutting and filling and kneading will fly by as you get to know the ins and outs of your partner-chef.  

Soon enough, your masterpiece will be ready and it’ll be time for the two of you to dive in. If your personality wasn’t enough to pull boo back for date two, maybe this pie will be.

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Sprinkle on the Love

chicago cooking
baking class

So you’re not much of a baker? Love dessert but need a little inspiration to get you to the kitchen? Throw some cocktails into the mix.

This baking class is just another good excuse for you and your bae to get your drank on. So pick up your whiskey sour, and maybe a real whisk while you’re at it, and get cooking. By the time you’re done baking you’ll have a nice tipsy-hunger forming, just in time for fresh cupcakes.

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