Date or No Date, You Need to Try These 6 Cocktail Classes This Valentine’s Day
Love is a beautiful thing. It’s almost as beautiful as a perfectly mixed cocktail, but not nearly as delicious. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a bf/gf who loves a stiff drink or cruising it solo style, you’ll probably be sipping on a little something-something on the 14th. To get you into the romantic spirit, why not learn how use spirits to craft the perfect cocktail? Here are six made-with-love Chicago cocktail classes you need to try to prepare for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Mixology, loveology—what’s the difference?

drink making
classic cocktails

Concocting a love potion? A cocktail? Same thing. The only difference we can think of is that there are actually classes in Chicago that can teach you how to make the second (unless you know of a great witch doctor). In this course for beginners, A-list bartenders will help you expand your cocktail crafting skills beyond rum and coke to make finely balanced, delicious cocktails. Come the big night, you’ll be able to impress your partner with your newly acquired boozy skills.

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Shaken or stirred: martini-making for two.


James Bond is arguably one of the sexiest characters in 20th century fiction (and Daniel Craig? Va va voom). Perhaps even sexier than this character’s confidence and charisma is his drink order. “Shaken, not stirred.” Discover the allure for yourself by making martinis in this class by CH Distillery (aka one of Chicago’s top vodka distilleries). With the help of a professional bartender, you’ll create an assortment of specialty martinis bound to have you falling in love...with these drinks or with your partner.

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Nerd alert: alcohol is science.


Nerdy couples and nerdy singles alike, rejoice! This is the perfect geeky drink activity to attend this season. CH Distillery opens its doors and invites all to learn how the company makes their vodka, gin and other spirits onsite. Bring your best science questions, a curious mind and a stomach ready to down what they call “The Tradition”: ice cold CH vodka with rye bread and pickles. On second thought, maybe don’t “rejoice” until after you’ve had “The Tradition”.

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Classic cocktails for the class act.

cooking class
culinary art

Remember when cocktails were enjoyed at lunch hour? When they were simple and paired with delicious signature foods? Well we don’t, but we watched Mad Men so we get the gist of it. If you need/want a refresher, take this cooking and mixology class. Teaching you the basics of the classic cocktail, this class will instruct you on how to prepare gourmet food that complements it perfectly. Finally, you’ll get the chance to experience the good old days by devouring... uh, we mean delicately sipping your cocktails.

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You don’t know jack about cocktails until you’ve made them with grappa and brandy.


Think you’ve tasted it all? You’re probably well acquainted with the art of whiskey, vodka and gin cocktails, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Grappa and brandy may be what your grandparents drank, but there’s a reason why we’re told to respect our elders. Sometimes they know best! From Chicago’s coolest new distillery Rhine Hall comes this grappa and brandy cocktail class. Sip, sniff and mix together the finest cocktails while getting the lowdown on dilution and temperature, flavor pairing, mixing, stirring and shaking.

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After hour cocktails with some hors d’oeuvres.

finger food
french cooking

Now that you know how to make signature cocktails, you have to consider what food you’re going to pair them with. Unless you and your date are planning on getting hammered, you’ll need to plan carefully. This after-work cocktail food cooking class is for you. Perfectly paired with any good cocktail class, this course teaches you the ins and outs of creating small plates for your next intimate cocktail party. Whether it’s just you and the bae (is bae still a thing?) or you’re a hosting a pal/galentine’s day for your friends, you’ll be grateful that you have some delicious, cocktail-friendly food on the ready.

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