Day Drinking: 6 Activities to Try in Chicago
Day drinking, according to Urban Dictionary, is “the act of drinking on a patio between the hours of noon and six, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday.” In Chicago, we don’t want to limit you to this. For Chi-town residents, day drinking is more of a lifestyle that goes something like this: wake up, get dressed, drink until game, drink during game, drink after the game. If you’re looking to expand your day-drinking horizons and try something new, there are plenty of boozey activities that will get your day started with a little hair o’ the dog.

Sunday brunchy Sunday.


Brunch—the ultimate sign of coupledom and the best way to start a day of drinking. But why only treat yourself to this delicious meal once a month or on special occasions? This class teaches you how to make brunch from the comfort of your home so you can turn every Sunday morning into a foodie feast. You’ll learn how to concoct the best Bloody Marys, mimosas and daiquiris that pair perfectly with fluffy waffles, fried chicken, spinach salads and bacon. But did we emphasis the drinking part enough?

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Beer, bacon, binge, repeat.


Nothing says day drinking quite like a day of bar hopping. Catch the Cubs or the Bulls or your favorite team of the season, relax with a craft beer in hand and sample the best bacon in the city at three different locations. Come to think of it, nothing says day drinking more than an afternoon killing time with your friends, watching sports and sampling new craft beers. So. Drink. Up.

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Southwest by southwest: a tour of Chicago’s best breweries.


If you’re committed to day drinking, you sort of have to treat it like a marathon. You need to train yourself to drink for hours and hours at a time without getting tired or feeling full. What a burden, am I right? For those ready to take on the challenge, sign up for this 6-hour (!) excursion to Southwest Chicago’s best breweries. This certified brews cruise will teach you all about the beer business while you and your fellow beer buddies get to do what you’ve been trained to do: drink.

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Underground ‘dinner’ at noon.

course dinner
chicken dinner
alcohol tasting

What’s a delicious meal without an equally delicious drink to go along with it? Farm-to-table fans will love this nutritious and educational experience hosted by Edible Alchemy Foods. You’ll head underground (quite literally) to sample a menu of carefully selected local ingredients. Best of all, these food alchemists will support your day drinking adventures with their hand-picked wines and beers, each of which pairs perfectly with the menu. Stop by for a mid-morning brunch and let this meal launch you into a day of boozey binging and indulgence.

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Shaken, not stirred: how to create the perfect martinis.


When you think about day drinking drinks, chances are a martini is at the dead end of the alcohol list. People tend to go for beer or wine or even whiskey, but if you want to class up your experience, vodka and the hidden power of martinis can really hit the spot. In this martini making class, you’ll meet with a professional bartender to concoct and taste the ultimate assortment of specialty martinis from Mid Oak Distillery. Who says vodka can’t make the shortlist for day drinking again? Not you.

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Craft beer making for dummies.

home brewing

Ready to try your hand at brewing your own beer so that you can enjoy a cold one any time of the day? According to the law, home brewers can make up to 100 gallons of beer or wine a year. Nowhere in the law does it say it has to be good, but it sure can be! To hone in on your craft brewing abilities, take this informative and instructive class that teaches you the ins-and-outs of home brewing. Taste the beer, sample the hops and drink in this new knowledge.

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