Heat It Up in Chicago With These Hot Date Ideas!
Need some sizzling hot date ideas for your sizzling hot date?

When it’s cold out, you want to find a nice warm way to cozy up with your beau. But it’s hard to leave the house in the dead of winter when the sidewalks are paved in snow -- and the Windy City’s namesake isn’t doing you any favors, either. The key to avoiding the inherent laziness caused by winter weather is finding something worth getting out of the house for. Something cozy and fun, but also romantic. We’ve got just the list for you.

Blow Your Date Away

hands on

If you’ve got an adventurous babe with mad love for craft beers, this is the perfect excursion. Get out of the cold and into the fire, quite literally, when you meet up at the kiln to make your own glass beer mugs.

This activity covers the cost of two, so after viewing a demonstration by an experienced glass artist, you’ll dive right in to make two mugs of your very own. Together you can choose the colors, patterns, and shapes as your guide leads you through the process. Next step: Find a good brew and fill ‘er up!

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Cookin’ Up Some Love


If you’re trying to cook up a hot date, there’s no reason you should limit yourself to one method. Head to the Chopping Block to fire it up in all kinds of ways with this cooking class!

You and your date will get to create classic dishes like grilled steak strips with garlic herb butter, and twice-baked potatoes. You’ll pick up cooking techniques and develop culinary skills together that you’ll use for years to come. A gift that keeps on giving!

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Warm Fuzzies with Hot Karl

improv comedy
sketch comedy
mature audience

It doesn’t get much hotter than Hot Karl’s Improv. Well… maybe it does. But funnier -- it doesn’t get much funnier. Bring your good-humoured date along to share a few drinks and laugh the night away at this hilarious comedy improv show. They say laughter releases those little chemicals in your brain that make you fall in love harder, so heat up the romance with Hot Karl -- you won’t even have to share your coat!

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Brick Lovin'

food tour
pizza tour
chicago style pizza

If the weather’s getting brick out (a.k.a. super cold), head to a brick oven to cozy up. And if your beau is all about that dough (pizza dough, that is), you don’t want to send the wrong vibes with a fancy-shmancy dinner. So skip the tuna tartare and try this pizza and cocktails tour instead.

You’ll go on four stops, try out five pizza styles, have several drinks and who knows, you just might walk away with a new favorite deep dish. This one’s on fire!

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Hot-Shaped Box

intense cardio

If your sweetheart has a fiery spirit, get it all out in the ring with this hot boxing intro course. Hey, an occasional fight here and there is healthy for a relationship, right?

You and your date will enjoy learning boxing drills and techniques with this unique take on an age-old sport. And things will really begin to heat up in the ring when the temperature is just a bit higher, causing you both to sweat it out and detoxify in the process. Hot and healthy: Win-win, right?

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Oh Sweet Chariot

water tour

The ultimate source of heat is the sun, so get that last little glimpse of the big glow in the sky on this hot sunset dinner cruise. You’ll get spectacular views of the Chicago skyline aboard a luxury cruise on Lake Michigan, watching the water glisten as the sun sets in the distance. Enjoy the snowy cityscape from the comfort of a cruiseship -- Apollo’s got nothin’ on this cozy chariot!

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