Normal is Boring: Show Off Your Weird Side, Chicago
The curious thing about dating is that by trying to put your best self forward -- some idealized person you think others want you to be -- you hide all of the things that make you special. What if, instead of censoring who you are and trying to be someone you’re not, you were free to be yourself, to be as different as you wanted to be? We don’t think it’s such a crazy idea. Get weird trying some of these kooky date ideas.

Do you want to build a robot?


Put simply, if your date is not enamored with the idea of building robots together, then he or she may not be a date worth having. Seriously. There’s something special about working with someone you just met to make something. And if that something entails creating a robot, perhaps some sort of cyborg butler fellow, who can bring you popcorn sometimes, that’s even better. Even if your date isn’t a match made in robot-building heaven, he or she will always remember you fondly as the person who took them to this awesome class.

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It's not you, it's your voice.


You know the best thing to do if you’re self-conscious about your voice? Make fun of it. Or even better, use that weird, unwieldy, awkward tone for good. If you’ve got a voice like a husky sailor on the third day of shore leave, this is your chance to embody that character to the fullest. And your date can’t possibly laugh at you, because you know what? You’ll be laughing together. (Plus, they’ll have to do it, too.)

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Seriously killer.

murder tour
murder castle
H.H. Holmes

Everyone, no matter how virtuous, is a teensy bit intrigued by evil. The sooner you and your date can address that fact, the sooner you can share a ghoulishly memorable experience on this creepy, educational serial killer tour of Chicago. This city’s got no shortage of sordidness in its past, from the murder castle of H.H. Holmes to John Wayne Gacy and his clown make up. Even if the date doesn’t go fantastically, at least you will be remembered as relatively stable in comparison to the lunatics featured on this tour.

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Stick together.


Generally, it’s not good to take someone to your secret bunker on the first date. This is the rare exception to that -- because you and your date will work together to stop a warhead from detonating in this thrilling escape room activity. There’s nothing hotter than collaboration. Plus, you can fantasize what it would be like to actually be stuck down there. The last two people left alive, a lifetime of romantic solitude: not bad, in theory at least.

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Dinner and a murder.

private investigator
james bond
sherlock holmes

What better time is there to accuse someone of faux-murder than while on a date? You and your partner are already acting like detectives, looking for behavioral clues as to how the night’s going. Take that observation a step further to solve this real whodunnit together, all while satiating yourselves with a delicious meal. This dinner date is sure to kick off your affinity for each other on the right foot.

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Suit up.


This is a great way to let out your zany side, and maybe your inner eight-year-old self, in a place where that sort of behavior is totally welcome. Feel free to add a few “pew, pew, pew” noises while you show off your energy, strategic moves, and pinpoint precision to your date during this laser tag session. Whether you two are on the same team and joining forces to take down a band of friendly strangers, or you’re engaged together in a total face off, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

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