Ever heard the expression “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too?" Well, we disagree.

In fact, sometimes, cake is similar to your best friend: it’s there for you when you need to either unload your woes (into red velvet) or celebrate a happy occasion. Especially if it’s your birthday. You didn’t know this was a cardinal rule?

Check out these 5 activities that will leave your sweet tooth satisfied.


Cake Pops for Days

cake pops
sweet treats
birthday cake pops
how to make cake pops

Who can look at a cake pop and not smile? They're round-shaped, sugary treats of happiness. At this workshop, you’ll get a hands-on tutorial on how to make them!

And the best part? You’ll leave with not only an enhanced dessert repertoire but an assortment of treats to share with your friends! (Or to not share. Up to you.) 

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Upgrade Your Cake-Making Game

making cakes
baking cakes
how to make cakes
how to make a cake

If the thought of singing “Happy Birthday” makes you smile for the main reason that cake typically follows, then this is the class for you. Step up your baking game as you join forces with Chicago's most rebellious cake decorators.

During this workshop, you’ll learn from the pros: as soon as the cake comes out of that oven, it’s right to sweetening and pretty-ing it up.

Walk away with not only a yummy, beautiful creation, but also with the knowledge of how to crumb coat a cake, fill a piping bag, use a coupler, exchange tips, and execute various piping techniques. “Happy Birthday” will never be the same.

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Candy Bars From Scratch

how to make candy bars
how to make candy bars from scratch
making candy bars from scratch
homemade candy bars
homemade chocolate candy bars

Not into cakes? Moreso into portable, in-your-pocket treats. 

Think of your favorite candy bar. Now, imagine being able to make those fresh within your own kitchen. Say what?!

You heard me. From peanut butter cups, "chit-chat" bars, twixters, and snicker-snackers, this workshop has got you covered.

Now the only time you’ll be buying candy bars is at the post-Halloween clearance sales because, come on, not even Martha Stewart can resist those

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The Class If You Do-nut love Cakes

how to make donuts
make donuts from scratch
making donuts
baking donuts

Donuts are a delectable treat everyone enjoys. In this workshop, you’ll learn the art of baking them, as well as how to transform them into the enticing sweet treats we all know and love.

Chocolate, anyone? How about glazed? By the end, you’ll be creating these mouthwatering goodies in no time.

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Cupcake Bootcamp

how to make cupcakes
cupcake making class
how to bake cupcakes
baking cupcakes

Ah, yes. The cupcake, the dessert that puts all other desserts to shame. Everyone claims to know how to make these bad boys, but it's only those with true expertise who can make them so deliciously life-changing.

In this workshop, bake treats that include Boston cream cupcakes with chocolate ganache and vanilla pastry cream filling. Need we say more?

After practicing handy techniques and acquiring the pros’ tricks of the trade, you’ll have your friends lining up, begging you to bake a round of these goodies.

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